WEEK 11 OF 2022

I was awake up, washed and dressed and got my own breaky by 6am.

Tim up at 6.15 and off to work by 7am.

Had a pleasant day, wrote a couple of letters and threw a load of towels into wash and then into the dryer. However, I wasn’t

able to get the last 3 items out of the washing machine as I couldn’t reach.



A good start to the day I have little pain, it won’t last but it is good while it does.

Went to doctors and had health care plan done, Tasha took me.

Jess worked last night doing traffic control on the Central Coast, that’s about 45 minutes away. She got home in time to do her normal school run.


Woke at 4.30 feeling restless and needing to pee so I got up, washed and dressed myself. Also I opened the house up before ringing Tasha, who as it turns out is sick.

A wet morning, so couldn’t go up with Leo.

Wrote up two blog posts ready for future use.

Pain sitting at a 3 today.


Woke at 4.10 and peed then went back to bed for an hour before getting up for the day.

I am having a bad morning, shaking so very much and I am super restless. Pain in my left knee is around a 5.

I was able to go up the front with Leo. This I enjoy it is a special Leo & Nana time.

Due to being in a state I have struggled to do anything today.


A new day and a dry one by the looks of it, well I can’t hear rain but it is too dark outside to see much.

I am having a much better day then yesterday.

Heard from Jeannie (sister)that Peter is doing better, trying to talk and has learnt to lean forward when kissed.


Awake at 4.30 up at 4.45, washed, dressed and ready for the day. Another fine day it is so far.

Even managed to do grocery shopping without issue.

Sandy told me that Sue was electrocuted at work yesterday and was taken by ambos to the Marter Hospital she was treated/observed and discharged.

Managed to do a few more pages in the grandmother memory book for Blain.

Kelli came over to put me to bed.


Saturday again, awake at 4.50 straight up and washed, dressed and ready for the day. Sweating and shaking a bloody lot.

Kathy & Summer arrived at 10.30, Kathy wasn’t well all stuffed up in the head.

Raining on and off all day and a tad coldish.



3 thoughts on “WEEK 11 OF 2022

  1. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Well another roller coaster week with ups and downs and a few highlights.
    So glad to read that your brother-in-law Peter is doing a little bit better; each improvement is a little miracle!
    We too have had terrible rain. Drove on Thursday to Atlanta in the worst traffic jam but beautiful sunny weather. Being in Atlanta yesterday I drove all day in heavy rain and awful traffic jams… but made it to our friends’ home for a tad later lunch and a pleasant chat afterward over coffee and tea before driving the two hours home in heavy rain.
    Sure felt glad to park the car inside the garage in one piece and I was DONE for the day, no longing to read or type anything.
    May the weekend be nice to you and a new week awaiting you with reasonable conditions for enjoying life.

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