WEEK 10 OF 2022

Slept in till 6am, had to get help getting out of bed, washed and dressed on my own I have no help on Sunday mornings.

At 10am I needed to ring Tasha for help and she was in such a mood I wished I hadn’t.

Had Blain come and help me at 11.30 instead of asking Tasha.

Tasha in a bit better mood later in the day.


Not a good start to the day shaking a great deal also hot and sticky. In fact this is the worst morning I have had in ages.

Still raining and humid.

Tim rang Westmead hospital and after a dozen attempts they answered. The lady he spoke to was helpful and sent an email with the information we need.


Appointment day, still raining and I am still shaking a bloody lot and sweating of course.

Bloody heavy rain driving to Sydney had to go round the large block twice before we found the right turn. There is so much construction that we had to drive along narrow one way roads. Tim dropped me off at the entrance while he park the car.

The test was conducted by an older man, it consisted of wiring me up like they do with an ECG. The leads were attached to both arms and I had to either sit still or move my arms as per instructions. The doctor should have the results/report in four weeks.

When leaving Tim left me waiting outside the entrance while he got the car, it was still raining. Thankfully a nice man saw Tim getting me into the car in the rain and came with an umbrella to shade us from the rain. We both thanked him and said we appreciated his help.

Arrived home by 3pm driving home still in heavy rain but arrived safely. Tasha was here to help me change ready for bed.


A new day slept till 5.25am this I suspect is because I had to get up for an hour a few hours after going to bed with severe indigestion took some Mylanta and waited to the pain had passed.

Tim looks and feels exhausted.

Been a good day, pain sitting around 5-6.


Woke at 4am and peed then went back to bed till 5.30 when I got up.

A much cooler morning, no rain so I was able to go up the front with Leo.

Had a somewhat lazy day, doing bugga.

Saw Kelli & Freya


A new day saw me up at 5am managed to wash and dress myself.

Another dry day spent sweating and struggling but living and loving.

Was surprised to see Kelli & Freya walk in at 1.20pm she came to help me get ready for bed and it was awesome to see her.

She was telling me the new house has a serious ant problem. The landlord told them there were ants but down played how bad it was.


Awake and up at 5.15am, washed & dress and managed to get my own breaky.

Tim woke up in a mood which only got worse as the morning progressed. He did what needed to be done to Kelli’s car.

Kathy arrived around midday vacuumed and cleaned the bath, also emptied the bins. Before showering me and getting me dressed for bed.



3 thoughts on “WEEK 10 OF 2022

  1. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    It is positive to read about the chivalry by one kind man for shielding you both from the rain with his umbrella!
    Hope you get some better sleep and I wish that for myself also…
    We get a freeze tonight and for the next two nights, might help for feeling cozy in bed.

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