Another wet morning but no flooding here thankfully, unlike the sunshine state, aka, Queensland.

This weeks extreme creature is the Christmas Island Frigatebird, heard of it, no, me either.

The Christmas frigatebird, or Christmas Island frigatebird, is a seabird of the frigatebird family Fregatidae which is an endemic breeder to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. The Christmas frigatebird is a large lightly built seabird with brownish-black plumage, long narrow wings and a deeply forked tail.

Frigatebirds have a very sneaky way of getting their food, they steal it………….

They chase other seabirds until the chased birds regurgitate their meal, then they eat the vomited food, gross………….

Males have enormous red throat pouches and during the breeding season they puff them up like big red balloons to attract the females.

Scientists believe there are between 3,600 and 7,200 Christmas frigatebirds, deeming them critically endangered. There are likely several hundred thousand lesser frigatebirds, though their population is decreasing as well with a conservation status of least concern.


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