Another Christmas over and the first without Mum or Dad and in many ways it has been hard so very hard but my girls wanted to make it special for me.

Tasha & Kelli did the cooking and Kathy brought an apple crumble for desert and Kelli bought a pavlova while Tasha made caramel tarts.

The morning didn’t start off well with my body being stiff and me being unable to move my arms. It was so hard to move that I rang Tasha and that was a mistake, she went off her head about her father not getting up and helping me. Her tone and what not upset me and Tim, she spoke with no respect and Tim got it into his head that she hates him. She doesn’t get why we feel hurt and upset.

Thankfully after all was said and done both Tim & I had a damn good Christmas Day.

I received some nice gifts from my brother and Leigh, Dawson’s mother Michelle, my daughter Kathy and niece Kelli. I thank them all.


5 thoughts on “MY CHRISTMAS DAY

  1. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    It is not nice when words are being uttered that might hurt others…
    Good that you had a lovely Christmas!
    For 38 years we have had Christmas without our Parents or any other relative.
    Only in 2004 we had our Foster Daughter Anita with us from Indonesia after she graduated from University. That was lovely and oh so special.
    The painters have come this afternoon, the house was wet in the morning from condensation… It is rather warm here with 25℃ so that is the reason. Let’s hope they will finish this year!!!
    On 2nd Christmas Day we both biked 25 km.

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