Slept in to 6am which was a surprise, I was shaking a bloody lot but still managed on my own to wash and dress and got my own breaky.

Other then blogging I am doing nothing today.

A hot day.

20th anniversary of 911


Awake and up at 4.35, in a great deal of pain had to get Tasha to rub Deep Heat into both knees, both upper arms and my right ankle.

My pain has been so so till 1pm when it increased.

Been a hot day, 30 degrees is hot for me. Hot enough to have air con on for a bit to cool down the house.


Had a decent enough night, although just after I went to lay down and listen to my book, the house phone rang but I don’t have a house phone in the bedroom so unable to answer it. Then my mobile rang, I tried to answer it but failed. I ended up thinking if it is important whoever was ringing would ring one of the girls.

Turned out it was Sandy who rang, she needed a hug and a shoulder to cry on.


Woke up to rain and cold after warm and hot days.

Tim up and left for work by 7.30am which feels strange as he usually works afternoons.

I went to get the vacuum cleaner and decided to check Leo’s room for empty cans and dirty plates, which there were some. I dropped a can which had something in it, so I went to get a dirty towel from the bathroom to clean it up while leaving the bathroom I stepped back lost my balance and fell over. I wasn’t able to get up but was able to crawl into the bathroom for the phone to call Tasha. As I wasn’t hurt I did briefly consider sitting there till Leo arrive but decided against it.

Tasha then went off her head at me for cleaning up Leo’s room as he should do it. I told her not to go off at Leo as he tells me all the time not to clean his room just tell him to do it. Which he did when he arrived.


Up and showered, I have a dentist appointment at 10am.

Denni’s 9th birthday sent her a birthday text.

Had appointment and they removed the tooth or what was left of it and it was something of a bitch to get out. Cost was $336.

All right this afternoon till the numbing wore off, then a shit load of pain, paracetamol did jack shit.

Oh well tomorrow should be better.


Had an ok night after I settled down but it took a while, found blood on my shirt so into the wash it went. The pain is there but not bad.

Leo arrived in a happy playful mood, we joked and laughed, and he showed me so YouTube clips that were funny but weird but that’s Leo.


Slept in to 5.15am rang Tash straight away and she was walking into the bathroom in a minute. That was a shock as she isn’t that quick usually.

Tim let early for work again, last night he arranged to meet up with Kathy & Summer while on a run this arvo. However, late last night Michael got a text saying someone he works with tested positive for Covid so now they have to stay home till both get negative results. So she isn’t able to meet her dad today.

Last day of term 3 no school for 2 weeks.



3 thoughts on “LIFE AT JO-ANNE’S

  1. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Your life is full of surprises but most of them are not pleasant ones…
    It is so hard when you fall. I’ve been dizzy for a couple of days and you have to watch your steps and don’t attempt to do any bending or cleaning or you pay for it.
    Life is no pic-nick!

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