Good morning all, this Monday is the first day of the last week of term 3 of school. I have been up since 5am, had a good night. Wel here are some facts you may or may not know.

During the French “Reign of terror” from 1793 to 1794, 500,000 people were arrested and 17,000 of them had their head chopped off.

The British flag is not technical called the Union Jack but is actually “The Union Flag” is was called the Union Jack only when out at sea on navy ships.

In the 1790s it was common for people to want bells and other devices to be put on their graves in case they were buried alive.

Also in the 1790s loud horns and electric shocks were used to make sure the dead were actually dead. As at the time there were lots of horror stories about people being buried alive.

A common way for people to check if someone was dead was to put a mirror in front of the person’s mouth.


4 thoughts on “FACTS FACTS FACTS

  1. It’s my understanding that part of the process for Catholic “sainthood” USED to be digging up the body b/c if you were buried alive, hair or skin under the fingernails indicated despair and you were disqualified…

  2. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Cruelty of any war is awful and imagine for being beheaded…
    After that French reign of Terror, The Netherlands was occupied by the French. Only in 1813 they got back on their own… so we have lots of French influence in our history. Before that there was an 80-year war with Spain.
    Imagine, being buried alive?! Such a bell could not be reached by the one inside a coffin and under some soil…! Gruesome.

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