Slept in this morning till 5.30am, took me an hour to wash and dress myself most of the time was spent dressing. I find dressing myself bloody hard work.

Saw Sandy when she called over to pick up the forms I printed for her.

Leo here most of the day.

It’s 8pm and I just realised I forgot to take my night meds.

I slipped to the floor trying to get out of bed and had to call Tim for help. I slip because my feet won’t grip the carpet. I do not know why that is.


It was 10pm before I managed to settle down last night. Leo was fantastic and caring. Tim not so much he said he was tired and doesn’t remember. He snapped he didn’t know what to do. All Leo did was hug me and said if I needed him to do something just ask.

I slept well from 10 to 6am.

Another warm day, Leo been here all day.


Up and dressed by 5.30am, woke at 4.40 needing to pee so an early start.

Went to the podiatrist all good with my feet although she made my big toe bleed when she got rid of my ingrown nail.


Slept well, up at 5am had a shower and ready for the day.

A warm day, Leo became frustrated with the online learning so at midday his Mum said he could call it a day.

Kathy just rang me to check on me, it was good to hear her voice.

Blain came down just to check on me and have a chat.


Had a reasonable nights sleep woke at 3.30 to pee but settled straight back down. Woke again at 5 and got up.

While eating my fruit salad I knocked the bowl and spilt the lot on the floor. I then had to get my claw thing I use to pick stuff up with and pick it all up. I then washed it a strained it before eating it. I could have rang Tasha but she would want to toss it out.


Up and dress as usual, Leo here by 8.15 as usual although this morning he had a bag of stuff with him. When I asked about the bag he said I am here tonight and don’t want to go home to get stuff. Anyone would think home was further away then across the driveway.

Jess came over around 1pm to tell him that lockdown has been extended till the 28th.


Awake and up again, which is good if I was still in bed I wouldn’t be writing this.

When Tim got up I told him that the groceries could be picked upp between 4 and 6 tomorrow afternoon, I said because tomorrow is Saturday. This shocked him as he thought today was Saturday.

Jess driving Blain to his dads while Tasha puts me to bed, Leo went too so he could meet their new puppy.

Been a very warm afternoon.



3 thoughts on “JUST ANOTHER WEEK

  1. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Leo seems to stand out in being very caring and understanding!
    Having problems standing when getting out of bed is awful. At times I have such severe and painful cramps, I cannot stand, nor walk… Scary.
    Aging is not for the faint of heart…

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