I woke at 4.45 and got up at 5am, I was having my wash when Tim got up and needed the bathroom. So I only had a quick wash and got dressed with Tim’s help.

Leo slept here last night again, since getting his new bed/futon he has spent more nights here then as his own house. He has been here all day again.


Woke at 4.30am, got up peed went back to bed but I was restless and my tummy was growling so at 4.45 I got up.

Dr rang at 9am, he said he would send the referral to have my knees Xrayed to the imaging company. I will ring them later to chec they got it.

First day of home schooling for the boys. After some stalling Leo got going and was done by 1pm which made him happy. Although he does better with paper over computer so his mum went to the school and pickked up work for him to do.

At midday Tim suddenly was in a rush for work as he was late.

In a lot of pain with my knees.


Another early start woke at 5.10am had a wash and dressed for the day.

My printer will not print so looks like I will need a new printer, this is so annoying. So I am back to saving and printing on Tim’s printer.

Leo here in his rooom doing school wotk or playing games one or the other.

This afternoon I had a mini breakdown, caused by pain and frustration, I was crying and saying I was done, I was over it and just wanted to die.

No I don’t really want to die I love life too much for that but at that moment I felt different.

Leo was here and was upset to see me in that state, he wrapped his arms around me and held me tight telling me he loved me and it would be alright. This helped a lot.


A new day found me awake and up at 5am again, had a shower before dressing as afterwards would be weird.

My printer is catcus, I told Tim that we should make sure the next one takes the same ink.

Jess came over at 1.20pm in a state she thought she was late for Leo’s appointment with his new pediatrician but she wasn’t the appointment is tomorrow.

After she calmed down we had a nice chat.


Awake and up at 4.50am washed dressed and ready for the day.

Natasha got a message telling her she was a casual contact of an infected person and that she had to get tested for Covid. That took 2hrs,

Leo had his paediatric appointment via phone and it could had gone better. As he was unmediated he wasn’t interested and all over the place. It didn’t help that Blain, Tasha, Tim and I were here making background noise. The doctor was only filling in till the end of this month, so we won’t see her again.

Looks like lockdown will continue for another week.


These 5am starts are becoming the norm for me.

Leo awake early I heard him at 6.30, he logged into school and did his school work without complaint.

I am missing Mum so very much.

Printed off a few letters, now to get someone to post them for me.



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