Saturday at last slept in till 6.30am although I did get to pee at 4.20am.

Kathy arrived at 8.15 to shower me, she didn’t look go as in she looked like she had a cold. She said she did have a cold.

Another cold start but warmish day.


Slept well till 11.30 when I was awoken by banging at first I thought it was the wind, as there has been a lot of strong wind. But I realised it was inside so asked Tim to check it out by say “Tim what’s that” turned out to be Leo. When I asked what he was doing all Tim said was making noise.

I then woke every hour till I got up at 6am.

Michael’s birthday today sent him a text.


Had a good enough sleep, I must had fallen asleep while the book was playing. Suddenly the book was over so I will check it later.

Checked the book there is 44 tracks and I must have dozed off around track 39.

Tim off work this week, he had to take the car somewhere to get something fixed. Jess went and picked him up and will take him back when car is ready.


Awake and up at 5.40am washed and ready for the day. Going to be a warm day.

Tim took car for rego check it passed.

Tim also cleaned out Leo’s room, getting rid of the bed, drawers and such. We have our mid year curb side bulk waste collection.

There is more to do but he said he will do it tomorrow, ready seen the council picking up the stuff in near by streets so I think tomorrow will be too late.


Awake and up at 5.50, had a shower, now dressed for the day.

Tim left it too late to take the rest of the stuff up the front, it was collected by 7am.

Leo was dawdling and his driver arrived and had to wait 8 minutes, if I hadn’t been there he would had left after 2 minutes as he is only required to wait 2 minutes.

Tim went to Kathy’s and picked up futon and a chest of drawers for Leo’s room.


Up washed and dressed by 6am for another day.

Tim has set the futon up in Leo’s room along with the chest of drawers.

The new ink arrived but now the damn printer will not let me change the damn ink.


Woke at 6.15 when my alarm went off, that’s the latest I have slept in ages.

Leo said he liked the new bed.

Tim went to the post office for me and posted the 10 letters I had ready to post. I know only have 6 left to answer.

Sandy rang this afternoon and we had a great chat.



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