Here we are another Tuesday, there was no post yesterday as I forgot. Anyway here is more about the dog on the tuckerbox, yet another poem.

Methodical searches have been made to find rhe original poem, old newspaper files, libraries, and pioneer homes have been combed without finding the authors name or the complete poem being found.

Old residents of the district could recall certain lines of the poem but it wasn’t until the death of O. A. Collins the newsagent and business man that the verse which now appears on many souvenirs was pieced together.

It was Collins who commissioned one Tom Kinnane, a reporter on the Gundagai “Independent” to put together the missing lines of a verse of the original poem.

That poem appeared on match box covers that were distributed throughout the land. The “original” as Collins called it was printed on a sheet of paper that was taken from the files of the “Gundagai Times” and the old type used was set and printed in the old “Times” building.

That poem must have been a tad different to the one penned more than 100 years ago and I will share it…………next week…….


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