Dog on Tuckerbox

Hello Tuesday I am writing from a booklet I found amongst mum’s stuff. It is about the “dog on the tuckerbox”, have you heard of him or visited like I have done.

Much has been written and various stories told of the origin of this famous pioneers monument “The Dog On The Tuckerbox”, which is situated about 8 kilometres or 5 miles north from Gundagai on the Hume Highway. Nevertheless many do not know the correct story of the dog, or numerous happenings which finally led to the erection of the monument and its unveiling by the Prime Minister.

The true story is unique and the booklet I am using has facts of the famous dog, its creator, how it became famous and finally how the decision was made to erect a monument.

The people of Gundagai felt that symbolic of the pioneers was the faithful dog and the tuckerbox were indispensable to the historic band who opened up this vast country.

When the monument was unveiled on the 28th November 1932 by the late J A Lyons, more than 3,000 people witnessed the ceremony.

Since the booklet is 8 pages long I will spread the story over a few weeks.


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