My Saturday Post On Monday Because I Forgot

I woke at 4am and between then and 5.40am when I got up I only dozed on and off.

Another cold day.

I went through Mum’s jewellery and placed each piece in its own small plastic bag ready to distribute to the girls.

Woke with the alarm which was a surprise as from 4am I was somewhat restless and when I got fed up with not settling and decided to get up the alarm went off.

A bloody cold start to the day needed the heater on in the bathroom when getting dressed.

Went over to Mum’s place and was there for 3hrs again but the inside is done now.

I won’t be of any use doing under the house so won’t bother going over on Wednesday.

Awake and up at 5.30 from around 3am I had many episodes of sweating needing to throw off the covers till it passed.

Tasha gave me a shower first thing this morning.

A cold start but warmed up.

Awake at 5.35 after a shocking nights sleep, my Cpap mask wouldn’t stay done up, I need a new strap and a hair cut. I managed to get some sleep my laying on my right side with my hand under my head to hold the strap tight.

Been a warm day after a chilly start.

Had to take a cold tablet and a headache tablet and ½ a Phenergan as I am feeling awful.

Slept better last night thankfully, woke only once briefly and got up at 5.50am.

At 11.15 I asked Tim what time he had to leave he said 11.45 I said my copy of his rooster said he started at 11.48am. He jumped up and checked and rushed out as he was now running late.

Started out cold but warmed up.

Leo here tonight.

Awake and up at 5.40am after a ok nights sleep.

Started to rain around 10ish and rained pretty much all day so I wasn’t able to meet Leo had to send Tash.

Jess reminded me that on Sunday we are going to Kelli’s for lunch.

Had a decent sleep got up at 6am but around 9 I went back to bed till Kathy and the girls arrived. I then had a shower.

After Kathy & girls left Tim and I went over to Mum’s to pick up some stuff. We then went to Beds R Us and bought a new mattress, which should be delivered after 4pm.

At 4.45pm I said to Tim that I hoped the guy hadn’t forgotten about us he was suppose to deliver it on his way home from work. By 5.15 Tim agreed that we had been forgotten.

What made things worse is that Tim had removed the old mattress to outside and had to get Leo to help him drag it back in so we had something to sleep on.


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