Yesterday’s Post Today

Slept in till 7am, made my own breaky.

Kathy came and shower me and shaved me as well.

Jess working, Kelli and kids came down so Daemon could see Blain & Leo.

A hot day, turned the A/C on around lunch time.

Mum sounded ok not great but ok, she was more with it at the start of our chat but after 30 mins not so much.

Had a sleep in, getting up at 7am and rang Tasha to let her know.

A coldish and wet day have to close the door to keep the rain out.

Saw Freya when Blain brought her over for a packet of chips.

Still have chest pain also under my left arm.

Awake at 5.33, needing to pee so I got straight up and at 5.51 I sent Tasha a text letting her know I was awake.

A cold start to the day, had to wear a light jacket when I went with Leo.

The pain is now under my right arm.

Mum was good, sounded happy, memory was ok.

Leo’s early day so rang mum at 1.30pm an hour early.

Woke with the alarm a fine and dry day thankfully.

I had to see the podiatrist and had my toenails cut. Tasha drove me.

Had some rain during the day but I was able to get Leo this afternoon.

Transferred some money to Sandy to help pay to have mum’s house fumigated.

Woke at 5.30 needing to pee and so I stayed up. I sent Tasha a text at 6am.

Leo off school, as he didn’t go to the swimming carnival.

Been a cool dry day with the feel of rain in the air.

Mum rang and sounded happy, not altogether with it but happy.

I woke at 5.30am, got up and sent Tasha a text at 5.45am.

Raining since I got up, Leo didn’t answer his phone and I had to get Tasha to tell him to come and get his stuff and head up to meet his driver.

Was late speaking to mum she was a tad confused towards the end but other wise ok.

Awake at 5.33 again, got up and peed, opened the house before I sent letting her know I was up.

I was feeling so tired, that at 8am I went back to bed for 1hr 15 muns.

Raining most of the day.

Blain going to his dad’s.

Had a lay down after Leo got home.

At6pm I decided to have a bath before going to have my MRI as I felt like I smelt but Jess arrived and got Tasha to shower me.

Stopped raining around 2pm so I was able to meet Leo and go to my appointment without getting wet.

Tim driving me to appointment.

Woke with the alarm, still raining, so couldn’t go with Leo due to the rain.

Spoke to Mum she mostly ok, Sandy rang her mobile as Mum wasn’t answering the house phone, she had been trying for 30 minutes,i said Mum and I had been chatting for 35 minutes.

After Mum & Sandy hung up Mum & I chatted for a further 10 minutes before hanging up.

While chatting to Mum the birds Tim have been feeding turned up, so I got some bread and feed them.

Woke at 6am straight out of bed and sent a text to Tasha. Still raining all day.

I don’t feel with it this afternoon. I am very tired.

Tasha came down at 2pm to give me a shower.

Tried to talk to Mum about her Chrisco order but she wasn’t with it enough to get what I was saying.

A new day awake and up at 5.50am, Tasha here by 6am. Tim up at 6.20 he started at 7.50am.

No rain so I was able to take Leo up the front.

Mum was so so, she remembered ringing Chrisco and canceling

something but not as much as I would like.

I checked and her payments dropped for $220 a fortnight to $91 a fortnight but she is convinced she is paying $51 a fortnight.

Been a nice sunny day

Awake at 5.45 and got up straight away, sent Tasha a text and she was here in minutes.

I am having a shocking day,shaking and feeling not with it.

I rang Mum at 1.40 so I could be done by the time Tasha arrived to shower me.

By 2.45 I was falling asleep. Tasha said it is the new medication making me so tired. She may be right.

I woke at 5.26aman got up 10 minutes later. I set stuff up and unpacked the dishwasher and was having my wash when I texted Tasha.

Been a cool but sweaty day for me, being drenched in sweat while attempting to go to the toilet.

So very tired again, I am wondering if it is the new medication and might cutout the midday tablet and see how that goes.

I woke at 6.40 and got up after restless night. I am feeling sick in the gut and had a bad start dropping stuff and shaking.

Tim was suppose to take his bike back to the place that did the work on it but they rang as he was leaving to say that he will have to push it back till Monday.

Was on the phone to Mum when Kathy arrived to shower me. I was so very tired.


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