Another week done with

I had a sleep in getting up at 7.20am

Tasha was here putting clothes in the washing machine. So she did breakfast for me.

Kathy & Summer arrived at 8.30 to shower me and iron Tim’s work shirts.

Mum told me that Dawson went t o the show with his mum and her dad and younger siblings. I hope he had a good day.

Awake at 6am and got straight up and even managed to get myself dressed.

Tasha came and got my breakfast.

Mum told me about Dawson going to The Show and how expensive it was. He had a good day and enjoyed himself. Mum sounded good.

Woke at 5.15 looked at clock thought I would try and lay there a tad longer, however, the next thing I knew my alarm was going off.

Tim went and spoke to the bloke who did the motorbike as he isn’t happy with the work. The bike goes back for more work on the 27th.

Been a sticky day drenched in sweat as per usual.

Off now to see the neurologist, fingers cross for answers.

Woke at 5.40 and got up with the alarm, Tasha was here a minute after I got up, was still peeing when she arrived.

So yesterday arvo I went and saw the new neurologist, he was a nice enough fellow after talking to me for a good while he examined me.

He is sending me for an MRI which I will have done on the 19th at 7pm. I do not like such a late appointment but it was all they had at first the woman making the appointment wanted me to go to East Maitland to have it done. That is a 0-40 minute drive, thankfully I only have to go to Cardiff a 10 minute drive.

He has also prescribed me a new medication to try, something called Gapentin 100mg, this I take 3 times a day.

He also thing I should see another specialist in Sydney, as he says that my symptoms suggest either an Essential tremor or a Parkinson’s tremor but it can’t be both. He didn’t say anything about a Functional tremor.

Tasha gave e a shower this afternoon.

Told Mum twice about yesterday.

Slept well, woke with the alarm, as soon as Tasha saw the bathroom light come on she was here.

A nice day not hot or cold.

Mum said she had a rotten day because she didn’t sleep well.

Uo with the alarm, Tim also got up too get ready for work.

It’s a hot day and I am drenched in swear again but the breeze feels nice.

Mum started out sounding good but half way through telling me something about Sue, she switched to a story about Sandy. I didn’t let on that she did that.

Woke before the alarm at 5.50am and got straight up and opened the house. Sent Tasha a sms letting her know I was up.

Another warm day, not sweating as much.

Mum sounded good she was not repeating herself, she told me that Dawson changed the lounge-room around.


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