What Jo-Anne Thinks

Hello Friday, are you wondering what I am thinking this morning?

Well I am thinking that dementia in any form is a bitch………

It sneaks up on many and for others it feels like one day they woke up and bam their memory is gone. Of course it didn’t happen that way but it sure feels like it.

My Mum has always had a bloody great memory right up till around June 2019 two months after Dad died. We her children noticed she would forget little things at first but now it has gotten pretty bad.

She can still remember who we all are, and that she speaks to me every day and that my brother calls in for lunch each day. However, when we chat of an afternoon she can tell me the same thing 2 or 3 times. Or she will start telling me about one thing and half way through the story changes taking at times a sharp right turn. I sometimes will mention the change, if the original tale was something I wanted to know about.

My Mum like her Mum tried hard not to end up with dementia but still it happened.

My Nan and my Aunt who also has dementia both found out who their friends were, as so many people started avoiding them when they started to repeat themselves.

I would like to hope I don’t end up with it but who knows mum says she is glad that she was 80 before her memory started to fail.


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