My Week

Slept in till 6.50, got up opened the house and made my own breakfast as it is Saturday.

Kathy will be over this afternoon as this morning she has to do her refresher course in first aid for work.

So Tim had to help me dress this morning.

Kathy rang she will be here 8.30 in the morning. She felt drained after her morning.

Woke a 6ish after a shocking night, I woke every couple of hours not for long although it felt like it took ages to go back to sleep but I don’t think it did.

Kathy arrived around 8.30 alone she had left the girls with Micheal. She showered me and did the ironing.

Mum was confused a bit this afternoon, so only a short chat.

Awake with the alarm, opened house, unpacked dishwasher, and had my wash and still no Tasha. I sent her a text and she showed up minutes later.

A hot day A/C going from 9am so I am ok not too sweaty.

Asked Tasha to get me stamps as I have 10 letters to post.

Only a short chat to Mum sitting on the scooter in front of Tasha’s car while I waited for Leo to get home. She rang just as I was leaving the house. Thankfully the house phones have a decent range.

Awake with the alarm again, had a so so nights sleep.

Not suppose to be hot but it is and I am sweating but not overly.

Mum was telling me that Michelle rang and wanted to talk about the problems she is having with Landon.

Mum didn’t at one point understand why Michelle would want to speak to her as they are not related. I reminded Mum that she has been like a mother to Michelle as soon as I did she sounded different she got it, understood everything.

I can tell when Mum isn’t with it she sounds different, you can just tell that she doesn’t understand. It is sad and upsetting to me, Mum knows her memory is fading and it upsets her as well.

Woke at 6am, got up and opened the house and Tasha was here.

Started raining at 6.50, also quite cool.

Tasha changed the sheets and had a right bitch about how people don’t have a top sheet now days.

Tasha offered to give me a shower but I really didn’t feel like it maybe tomorrow.

Mum was ok not great but ok.

Awake at 6 so got up and opened the house and unpacked the dishwasher, before Tasha turned up.

Blain had to come home at lunch time as he spilt drink in his bag and needed to clean it out.

Tasha came down and gave me a shower.

Awoke at 5.40 needing to pee so got up and stayed up, I can’t see the point in going back to bed for 1/2hr.

Tasha arrived at 6.10 and got me set up for the day.

Mum was repeating and talking about old events like they just happened.


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