More Monday Facts

Hello Monday, hello facts……………..again

A dolphins hearing is so acute that it can pick up an underwater sound from 15 miles away.

In 1956, there was an iceberg in the South Pacific larger than Belgium.

At one time in Bangladesh a child as young as 15 could be jailed for cheating on exams

In the Caribbean, there are oysters that can climb trees.

The oldest exposed surface on Earth is New Zealand’s South Island


Another Week In The Life O f Jo

Up at 7am after a lousy night it was 9.30 before my body settled enough for sleep.

Kathy here by 8 to shower me and do my ironing.

Jess working today, her clean white shirt somehow properly from her wet hair has a large stain.

Tim has decided against sending the letter.

Started raining around 2pm

Saw Kelli and her kids that was great, I had Blain,Leo, Daemon & Freya here.

Woke and got up at 6am after a better nights sleep. Opened the house and Tasha arrived.

Tim working today then he has another 6 days off.

Going to be another hot day and I will again be drenched in swear.

Woke with the alarm, opened the house and Tasha arrived and helped me get ready for the day.

Tim wore his new glasses yesterday and they were blurry and not right, so he went and spoke to optometrist and has an appointment this afternoon to have them checked.

Tasha went off at Tim about him leaving a mess in the kitchen at night. This of course pissed him off, all I thought was don’t involve me.

Tim is now getting new glasses, multi-focal ones. I hope they are not going to cost more.

Mum sounded good today more with it.

Woke at 5.35 but decided to lay there till the alarm went off which I did, although the alarm went off a lot sooner then I thought it would. I think I must have dozed off again.

Tasha was going to shower me but she is feeling unwell this morning.

I bought Jess a vacuum cleaner, she just has to pick it up tomorrow.

At 1pm Tasha arrived and said it was shower time.

Mum was good today didn’t repeat herself once.

I woke at 5.20am and had to pee so got up. It is raining, heavy at times.

I still was able to take Leo up to meet his drive.

It stopped raining around 9am.

Went with Jess to pick up her new vacuum cleaner, I saw Dave while I was there.

Sandra came over to pick up mum’s Mastercard. Mum said if dhe wanted to make the payments she can use it to pay for her CTP.

This afternoon mum told me how she rang her bank to talk about her Chrisco order, so I asked if she rang the bank or Chrisco she said Chrisco

Up just before the alarm, it’s cool and dry

Went to get Leo only to be told he isn’t going today as he has a doctor’s appointment at the JHH. I will be going with them.

Took Leo to his pediatrician appointment and none of us liked the guy much, thought he was rude

Jess said he might grow on us but we will see.

Leo was un-medicated and argumentative,

Up just before alarm, in for a bloody hot day.

The day is warm but not too bad no need for A/C.

Finally spoke to Tim about his new glasses they are costing an extra $90 I hope he likes them,

Mum sounded good, she had a phone call from Aunty Pat she said it was hard to understand her and at first mum hung up on her, but Kristine (cousin) rang back and explained it was Pat calling.

Aunty Pat is 80 and has been in a nursing home for around 10yrs. She has MS, dementia and other problems.

Tash & Jess both are going to settle me down this afternoon. As Blain is at his mum’s this weekend.

What Jo-Anne Thinks

Here we are with another what Jo-Anne thinks posy, today I am thinking about rude doctors something we encountered yesterday.

I know I am not the only person to have encountered one, but still what the hell is with them. Also why do we not think of a come back answer till after the visit is over with.

Yesterday Leo had an appointment with a new pediatrician and we all left saying to each other that he was rude and bossy. This man who said he had a lot of training in dealing with children, really didn’t seem to know how to speak to someone with ODD, ADHD & Autism.

Telling a child like Leo to “man up” and take a, Leo reacted badly and said “hell no, ain’t gonna happen”……….., this dufus, went on and on about it for a few more minutes. He wanted to switch Leo from short acting to long acting medication, yes it might be easier but Leo isn’t interested as yet.

There is a doctor at my GP practice that is rude and I refuse to see the man.

I have wondered at times if these rude people realise they are rude………..

I also wonder at times if they would care if they knew????????

Poem Day

A Thought True To You

© Sean Raine

Published: February 2011

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet,
And I love you.

Your smile is amazing.
Your beauty so true.
Your eyes shine like stars.
They will see our love through.

You’re a gift from the angels.
They made you in heaven,
The girl that I dreamed about
Since I was eleven.

You came into my life
And you turned it upside down.
You’re an absolute princess,
Worthy of more than a crown.

I promise you everything,
Everything I have to give.
I promise to love you
As long as I live.

You’re my absolute world.
You mean everything to me.
You’re perfect,
And you always shall be.


Indestructible Stuff

Hello to another Tuesday I am talking a tad about Deep-Sea Submersible another indestructible thing.

In the deepest ocean the water pressure is so great that it’s like being squashed by the weight of 4,000 elephants. So to go exploring there you need special equipment or a specially designed underwater vehicle called a submersible that can take the strain.

One of the best known and most successful submersible is named Alvin, it started operating in 1964, it carried a crew of three and dove as deep as 4,500 metres or 14,764 feet.

The pressure proof cabin is a sphere, the longest shape possible and is made of 50mm or 2inch thick titanium with 5 viewing windows.

In 2014 the submersible Nereus was exploring 9900m down in the Kermadec Trench near New Zealand when the pressure got too much and imploded. Lucky it was remotely operated and had no crew on board.

Monday facts

Hello Monday, hello facts……………..

Diners are part of a rich tradition in America. Over the years the staff of these local restaurants have even invented their own language for dishes served.

“Adam and Eve on a raft” means two poached eggs on toast

“Zeppelins, in a fog” is sausages and mashed potatoes

“Cowboy with spurs is a western omelette with chips

“Stretch” means a Coke

How true these are I do not know

Life here last week

Had a sleep in till 7.20am and got my own breakfast.

Kathy & girls turned up at 8.45 to shower me and do my ironing for me.

Mum’s 81st birthday, I printed a mother-daughter poem for her and I had 2 $10 gift cards for Woolworths, this made her happy.

I went over for lunch, we had fish and chips. Little Denni was not happy about that.

Tim arrived just after we ordered lunch so it was good to have him there.

It was a good day.

Awake and up at 6.30 suppose to be another 24 with thunderstorms aka a sticky day for me again.

Tim at work today then he is off f or 6 days using his long service leave.

Mum was all over the place when we spoke.

Woke at 5.50 and straight out of bed as school is back. Opened the house and had my wash and Tasha arrived to get me ready for the day.

Leo wasn’t able to find a school shirt this morning.

Tim took his bike and got a price to spruce it up cost $5400.

Also arranged for the front sliding door glass to be replaced cost $625 at my suggestion Tim & Leo will split the cost.

Mum was sounding good not rambling as much.

I woke before the alarm at 6am, opened the house and then Tasha arrived.

Another cool/cold and wet morning, Tim went up with Leo because of the rain.

Tim emailed the DoH about a neighbour, as in a complaint.

The glass in the front sliding door was replaced.

Mum was rambling a lot this afternoon. She said she thought that Sandy & Sue were talking about her on the weekend, I told her that didn’t happen but she sounded like she didn’t believe me.

What a shit night I had I kept waking every 2-3 hrs which is so annoying. The last time was 9 mins before my alarm so I got up.

A cold start to the day had to wear my white jacket, when I went with Leo to meet his driver.

Tim at last posted the dozen letters I had ready to be posted.

He also took the bike in for it’s freshen up and of course paid our contents insurance.

Mum was all over the place this afternoon.

Slept better but not great woke before the alarm, found the kitchen a mess.

Had my yearly eye check up these I have because I have diabetes, all is good no problems with them.

Tim has gone fishing over at Stockton beach.

After returning from fishing Tim cut my hair very short as in a number 6 with his clippers. Yes it is shorter then I like but I go nowhere and see no one so I will be fine.

A new day, suppose to be hotish around 28 degrees.

I am swimming in sweat.

Had a lay down for about an hour but didn’t nap. As it is a late day for Jess and Tasha has to drive Blain to his dads.

Jess here by 4.15 earlier then expected.

It is 7pm and I am s o tired just can’t settle, I feel very restless.

Tim showed me a letter he has written to a neighbour we don’t like I told him kinda what I think, I will talk to him more tomorrow. It is too religious.

What Jo-Anne Thinks………………….

Hi all this is a what Jo-Anne thinks…………..

Today I am thinking about hair cuts and styles everyone has a different idea what looks good and what looks horrible. I am sure many people will think I look horrible of ridicules but I am fine with how I look,

Yesterday I allowed Tim to cut my hair using his hair clippers with the largest setting because Tasha wanted me too have very short hair.

So short hair is what I have.