What Jo-Anne Thinks

Hello everyone, it is Friday again so let’s talk about what Jo-Anne thinks,……….

This morning I am thinking about depression…………….

I suffer from depression have done for many years, but when my eldest was a teenager she started hurting herself and I took her to see a counsellor after a few months the decision was made to try her on medication.

My daughter saw someone, so did I and the lady I saw explained that my daughter had a chemical imbalance in the brain which could take years to fix or she may have it for the rest of her life.

My depression crept up on my over time and like my daughter I had counselling for years before I was prescribed anti-depression medication. I have been on medication since 2007.

Medication is wonderful, but not for everyone.

First comes counselling, then if that doesn’t help maybe medication will help.

Going on medication doesn’t have to mean it is forever, my husband took anti-depression medication for only 2 years and is fine now.

Nothing can or will be done unless you admit to yourself that all is not right, you know in yourself that you are not just sad, or that you have become too emotional and you feel like everyone is plotting against you part of you knows something is wrong.

Depression isn’t something you can just snap out of………..

It takes time, patience, work and maybe medication…………

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