What Jo-Anne Thinks

Hello everyone on this some what wet morning here in my part of Newie…………

So it’s Friday and that means it is what Jo-Anne thinks day and today I am thinking about, happiness…………

Happiness is more then a state of mind, it is linked to our whole body when we are in pain all the bloody time it can have a negative effect oh how happy we feel.

I do believe that we can choose to have a positive happy inspiring thoughts over negative thought and to a degree we can choose to be happy. Yes I know it’s not that simple but I feel it is harder to be happy when you find unhappy thought trying to take over.

Happiness is different for each different person, some people find their happiness has a lot to do with their work. Others it has a lot to do with their friends and then there are people like me who find happiness is linked to family.

I choose to see the good in people and things, this does not mean that I am always happy and cheerful, being happy & cheerful do not have to go hand in hand. They just often do……………

Sadly for some being happy & cheerful are a mask to hide sadness and unhappiness. Worse still it can be a mask for depression. Depression will be a different post.

4 thoughts on “What Jo-Anne Thinks

  1. That was a very wise and important post. If only one person keeps themselves from falling to sadness, it will be worth it!

  2. I’ve had to work a long time on being sincerely positive and focusing on finding joy in my daily life. While stuff definitely does happen, most of the time there are both positives and negatives that we can choose to focus on.

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