Indestructible Stuff

Hello to another Tuesday I am talking a tad about Deep-Sea Submersible another indestructible thing.

In the deepest ocean the water pressure is so great that it’s like being squashed by the weight of 4,000 elephants. So to go exploring there you need special equipment or a specially designed underwater vehicle called a submersible that can take the strain.

One of the best known and most successful submersible is named Alvin, it started operating in 1964, it carried a crew of three and dove as deep as 4,500 metres or 14,764 feet.

The pressure proof cabin is a sphere, the longest shape possible and is made of 50mm or 2inch thick titanium with 5 viewing windows.

In 2014 the submersible Nereus was exploring 9900m down in the Kermadec Trench near New Zealand when the pressure got too much and imploded. Lucky it was remotely operated and had no crew on board.


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