Another Week done with

Had a better night sleep, leg not as stiff.

Kathy arrived at 8.30 to give me a shower, Syd is with her dad so we will see her next weekend I expect. I had Kathy wrap Syd’s present.

A bloody hot day had air con on from 9.30am.

Around 2pm I was standing and had a shot of pain shoot through my left knee, it then started to throb with pain.

By 3pm I am falling asleep.

A good start to the day managed to get up at 6am, Tasha arrived shortly later and dressed and fed me, like a dog…………lol

We received notice a couple of weeks back about a power outage from 8 to 4 today. At 8.20 I was feeling so tired I decided to go lay down, we still had power but lost it around 8.50am.

Of course it is a stinking hotish day, I am listening to a book on my CD player.

Damn it’s hot.

Woke at 6am after a good nights sleep managed to do a few things before Tasha arrived.

A bloody hot day but at least we have power so we have air conditioning.

Mum was ok was talking about her & dad when they were young and how back then Uncle Arthur & Tom called dad “Mick” she doesn’t know why they did, they just did.

I woke up at 6.10 got up opened t he house found clothes for the day.

I then started breakfast and up doing it all and was eating it when Tasha arrived. She had fallen back asleep.

Tim’s 60th birthday today, Sandra rang to wish him happy birthday. Kathy & the girls came to see Tim but he had already left for work. They left his gift on his bed for him.

It is another stinking hot day, 36 degrees today.

Woke up at 6.30am, when Tim’s alarm went off, not as hot today but very sticky I expect.

Had to turn the air con on as I was drenched in sweat

My GP rang so I could ask for 2 scripts. One of the good things to come from Covid.

Mum was happy and sounded good although she told me tree times that Sandy & her girls had stayed at Dave’s why though I have no idea why, either her & Ed had a fight or the girls wanted to stay over and she decided to stay with them, or as she said last she didn’t know why.

Woke at 5.36 needing to pee and since I was up I stayed up. I opened the house to a nice cool and wet day. It hasn’t stopped raining since I got up 2hrs ago.

I rechecked when school goes back for the boys it is Monday, however, when she spoke to his driver he said that he will pick Leo up tomorrow morning. I told Jess that he doesn’t go tomorrow.

She is listening to someone who sounded like a dotting old fool, (her words.

Leo is here for the night.

Another wet day, up at 6am, Jess made a good point Leo is in a special ed class and they may go back today. I can’t take him up due to it raining.

Leo has gone to school, Jess rang and spoke to the school yes he doesn’t start back till Monday but he is able to stay there today. This made Leo happy.

It has rained all day, so I was unable to meet Leo this afternoon.

Jess suppose to be me to bed but at 4.40 I just wanted to lay down, so sent Tasha a text telling her so. The next thing she was here to get me ready for bed.

Jess arrived 10 mins later.

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