Jo-Anne’s Week That Was

I woke and got up at 6am but just after I opened the house as I was getting my walker out I stepped backwards and fell over. I called Tim and he came straight away but I also called Tasha who had just stepped out of the shower, however, she got her dressing gown on and came straight away.

However, I managed to get up with Tim’s help.

I have a sore tailbone and knees my right is also sore. Kathy messaged ice gel into my knees and arm.

It is painful to sit.

Tim has installed the new dishwasher without any problem.

Mum was rambling a bit about Sandra not sure if there was something she was going to tell me but forgot and just rambled about her wedding.

Slept in to 6.40, I am still in pain with my tailbone but not quiet as bad as yesterday.

Tim back at work today

Kelli and Daemon at Jess’s place so Kelli could help Jess clean her backyard. Daemon is now staying the night.

Will use the dishwasher for the first time tonight.’

A later start to the day being 7am when I got up, Tasha walked in a couple of minutes after I opened the house.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the dishwasher was the dishes were still dirty.

Before I could look into why Tasha said it was shower time.

After showering & dressing I found the book to the dishwasher to find out what I did wrong, answer nothing. Tim forgot to turn the water on.

After that it worked just fine, how it’s suppose to.

Been a warm and sticky day.

Up at 6 and opened the house and went to get breaky stuff ready only ti notice my choc milk was missing. Tasha had it.

Still in pain, Tasha said I have a big bruise on my bum.

Feeling very tired this afternoon

couldn’t concentrate when talking to mum, she was also very tired. So only talked for 25 minutes.

Tim home early but he started early as well.

He had a complaint about failing to stop for a woman, he told me the woman was on her phone and didn’t signal.

Awake and up by 6.15 and opened the house got breaky stuff out and had my morning wash before I sent Tash a text telling her I was up.

Mum rang and asked if I could give Sandy my card to her account as her card wasn’t working and she was getting a new card sent out.

When Sandy came to get the card she also took birthday presents for Temika and Liarna and the bottom rack from my old dishwasher.

Oh and the problem with the card was mum has either lost or cut up her card because she thought it had expired, it hadn’t.

Tim has a split shift home for 3ts.

Been a hot day thankfully Tasha turned the air con on early.

Had a good nights sleep woke at 6 and got up opened the house and was having a wash when I got a text from Tash saying she will be here in 5 mins and she was.

Going to be a hot day.

Tim home early as he had an appointment to have his eyes checked and also to see his GP to have his medical to keep his job.

A new day up at 6.10, opened house and Tasha arrived. Leo spent last night here.

Air con on early, going to be hurt.

Tim has a split shift today so home for 3hrs.

Mum was sounding much more like herself

It’s 3pm and I have bugga all concentration so Jess came and helped me get ready for bed so I could just chill listening to my book. A little early but that’s ok.

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