My Christmas

The last post I will write for 2020 is here.

Christmas has been and gone for 2020 and it went off with fizzle no bang here. I have not been able to get into the festive mood this year. I was late getting decorations up and slack with my Christmas cards. I did manage to send out around 50 something cards.

Christmas Day was different instead of Jess & Leo coming here and open presents, Tim & I went over to here house a whole 25 metres or 82 feet away. I rode the scooter over and Tasha walked over, so it was noisy when Kathy rang and I felt that Kathy sounded a tad left out.

After presents opened Tim got ready for work and I got dressed to go over to Mum’s for lunch. My brother Dave picked me up and drove me to Mum’s.

There was a good turn up with Dave & Leigh with their girls as well as Sandy & Ed and their girls along with Sue & Les (her man), Dawson and of course Mun and me.

Lunch was alright just not the same, after lunch Sandy drove me home.

Boxing Day was held here and all 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren along with Kathy’s fiance Michael. Tim bought KFC for lunch and Kathy made a potato bake. I bought a lemon meringue roulade for desert and Kathy had to say she doesn’t like lemon meringue oh well I love it.

Not many photos taken because I am unable to take them.

It is a good thing that we don’t do anything for NYE as so much is cancelled.


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