Week 2 of December

Woke around 7ish, got up and sent Tash a message asking for help with breakfast.

At 11am Jess came and helped me change my clothes to go to Kelli’s for lunch with her and Leo as well as their friend Jay.

Lunch was great I had a wonderful time and laughed a lot.

Didn’t get home till 4pm, so only did meds for tonight will do the rest tomorrow.

Woke at 6am opened the house and Tasha came down and gave me a shower.

Going to be a very warm today but no need for air con.

Saw Kelli when she came to say goodbye to Jay.

Tim on afternoons again this week.

Mum was happy today and pleased to hear I had a good time yesterday.

Awake before the alarm and straight up and opened the house.

Suppose to be cooler today and it feels it at 7am

Decided to spend the day trying to answer some letters as I have 20 piled up.

Managed to write 3 letters to penpals and 3 Christmas cards to family.

I am shaking a great deal this morning, another cool morning.

Had a shocking night last night and it turns out I forgot to take my meds last night.

I am shaking a great deal this morning, another cool morning.

Dr rang and because of shaking I hung up on him and had to ring surgery and arrange for him to ring back.

I improved as the day progressed.

Managed to write another 2 letters and 6 Christmas cards.

Had a better night last night, woke as my alarm went off, I only remember waking twice during the night and going pretty much straight back to sleep.

Had to turn the air con on at midday due to how much I was sweating.

Mum told me she is worried about losing her memory she is getting bad but still knows who is who and remembers to ring ,e each day

Leo here tonight

A new day has arrived I dragged my body out of bed at 6am, opened the house a cold morning.

Didn’t warm up much but still I was drenched in sweat from head to foot.

Had a lot of pain in my left leg and knee so much it hurts to move let alone walk which is cry worthy pain.

Had to massage my leg for half an hour till it was possible to move in order to go to bed.

Mum was over the moon about getting another letter from Kathy in the mail. As she read about poppy she cried.

I woke at 6am and got up straight away and was in the kitchen when Tasha arrived.

I gave Tim a death look because when I asked him to clean off the table he said he works 6 days a week. When I told Tasha she said she works 7 days a week

Kathy gave me a shower and half an hour later I was drenched in sweat.

When Kelli dropped off Blain she came and cleaned my computer desk.

We gave Blain a $50 gift card from EB Games


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