King Tut Facts

Good morning world, here I am faced with another school week and because it’s Monday it is fact day, so here we go……

After King Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered in Egypt in 1922, a number of people associated with the discovery died in mysterious deaths.

Tutankhamen’s tomb was discovered in November 1922 by Howard Carter, an amateur archaeologist commissioned by English nobleman Lord Carnarvon to find it.

The discovery lead to rumours of curse which wasn’t taken seriously until Lord Carnarvon came down with a mysterious fever from an insect bite and died.

Even more strange when Tutankhamen in 1925 was unwrapped he was found to have a wound on his left cheek in the exactly same spot as the insect bite on Lord Carnarvon

The curse rumours strengthened when word came from Lord Carnation’s home on England at 1.50am the time of the Lord’s death that his favourite dog had died.


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