Just Life

Woke at 6.45am got up and sent Tasha a message to see if she could come and help me dress.

Tim working again.

Another cold wet day.

Saw Kelli when she dropped of Blain.

Not doing much today just sorted the meds out after vacuuming out later I ironed Tim’s work shirts.

Tasha coming at 3.30to give me a bath as the shower isn’t working right.

Awake at 6.05 straight out of bed and dressed with help from Tasha of course.

Plumber came around 11ish and changed the shower head was here less then 5 minutes.

Jessica was able to meet Leo as she was home by 3.25pm, this was great as it was still pissing down.

It’s 4pm and I am done for the day, I can feel my chest moving as in shaking along with my arms and legs.

I am feeling depressed at the moment. I just want to listen to my book for a while.

Up at 6.15 as usual, Tim got up at the same time, he has a long day a 9.34hr work day he will be home around 7.45pm.

Another cold and wet day, of course I have a Dr appointment so will need to go out at 8.45 for a bit.

Saw the Dr and nurse this morning for care plan review and scripts. Thankfully it has stopped raining this morning.

No rain this afternoon so I am able to go get Leo

Another day started no rain this morning, going to be another coolish day though.

Started raining around 10ishand has been raining since. Tim on a midday start so left around 11 something.

Stopped raining around 2pm so I am able to go get Leo.

Sue’s birthday she is 51 today, I sent her a message this morning..

Another wet morning here, I was up at the usual time had to get dressed in the bathroom as Tim has a late start same as yesterday.

I am feeling like shit today in so much pain my arms and left thigh mostly.

My left thigh is very sore I cannot move it without a shit load of pain.

What a morning, I started to leak as soon as I got up but it was that bad it was running down my leg.

Tasha arrived a few minutes later and gave me a shower and of course dressed me.

Leo is asleep in his room

Tim has taken the motorbike to work.

Jess has to put me to bed as Tasha has a visitor.

A late start to the day slept in till 8.15am it felt good to have a sleep in.

Kathy and Summer arrived at 9am Kathy gave me a shower and then got my breakfast for me.

Although she didn’t want to vacuum out and the clothes needed longer on the line so I decided not tho ask her to get them off.

Jess at work today

Dave’s birthday he is 42 today, mum rang at 9 when I was in the shower. I thought Tim answered it and didn’t give it another thought, till I checked the house phone’s messages and her mum speak before she hung up. No she didn’t leave a message but it was mum. So I rang her back she rang to ask me over for lunch for Dave’s birthday. By the time I rang her back it was 12.15 and I had just eaten so wasn’t hungry also Tim was out as was Tasha and Jess was at work so no one her to drive me.

Tim had to go to the chemist twice because he paid for everything but the only gave him one lot of medication out of six. I would have noticed if it was me as he paid over $100

Didn’t talk to mum as I forgot to ring her and when she rang I was already in the bathroom getting ready for bed. So Tim answered and told her that.


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