My Week

A new day here, very overcast which is why I slept in till 7.45, found Tim already up and dressed for work.

Tasha arrived 10 minutes later to get her washing and make me breakfast and of course help me dress.

Kelli and her children called in when they dropped off Blain.

Been a quiet day only saw Leo once as his friend Kajta was visiting

Back to a normal wake up time this morning, Tim was up and ready for work. Tasha arrived 5 minutes later to get me ready for the day.

I rang Leo at 7.30 he wasn’t ready to wake up and said could I ring back in 10 minutes, which I did. We left on time though so all good.

Leo’s early day he gets out at 1.50pm and will be home between 2 and 2.30, so I will be there waiting for him from 2pm.

He arrived at 2.15pm.

Started raining at 2.25, so I was lucky Leo arrived when he did.

Up at 6.10 just before the alarm went off.

Tasha managed to .

knock over a full glass of milk all over the bench and floor.

I was in the middle of getting changed so had to pull on a top and go help clean it up. I will have to wash the floor today

Managed to take Leo up and see him off before it pissed down.

It has rained on and off all day but had stopped by the tine I had to go get Leo.

I woke when Tim was leaving for work but managed to stay in bed for another 20 minutes before getting up 10 minutes before the alarm went off.

Leo was here at 7.35 ready for school but of course despite me telling him over and over to brush his teeth he waited till we were walking out the door to go do it.

Tasha came down and gave me a shower so I am nice and clean.

Been a busy morning vacuumed out twice and washed the towels and ironed Tim’s work shirt.

Very windy this afternoon, mum was telling me to that she needs some kind of chest Xray and it would cost her $280 of which she gets $240 straight back. She just has to find the money first.

Another early start to the day woke to pee and stayed awake, laying in bed till 6am when I got up.

Tasha arrived and helped me start the day as usual.

Tasha is upset she was hoping to get a job as a Transport Support Officer for the company Jess works for but has been told by Centrelink that she needs to jump through hoops before it can happen this can take 6-12 months. She is pissed off.

Decided to listen to music instead of TV while I worked at the computer and chill doing nothing.

Tim home by 2pm the first thing he did was complain about the music said it was too loud, so I turned it off.

Woke with the alarm after a restless night, woke at least 6 times each for 15-20 minutes before falling back asleep.

Leo spent last night here and has been up since 7am.

Tim home by 10am till 1pm, he has another spilt shift.

I was able to listen to music this afternoon, Leo said it was loud as he could hear it outside his bathroom window.

Jessica came at 5 to deal with me

Woke at 7am after a decent nights sleep, it was dark and raining which maybe why I slept so long. Tim got up when I was in the bathroom.

It is a sticky type of morning at 8.20 Kathy rang and said she wouldn’t be over as Sydney-May has a temperature, I said then she needs to stay home and take care of her.

Been raining most of the day, my printer ran out of ink when I tried to print yesterday’s diary entry. I mentioned it to Tim and he said did I want him to go there and then to buy ink.

I asked if he hadn’t already ordered it but nope he hadn’t and that flicked the switch and I got pissed as I asked him 2 months ago to order it and again a month later. He didn’t get why I was pissed, he said it was because he has been too busy working to remember. I replied NO it was because I felt like if he did needed it he would had ordered it straight away. I told him that and walked outside to have a smoke. After which I was fine, as in over it.

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