My life

When I woke this morning the bedroom clock said 7.15 but the phone said 8.15 bloody day light savings. Not that I mind day light savings, I just didn’t expect it this morning.

When I asked Tasha if she could come and help me she was snippy because she thought Tim should have got up to and helped me.

Kathy & Summer came over around 1ish so Summer could play with Georgia (Jason Brown’s daughter.

However, around 3ish they left because the girls started to be naughty throwing stuff at Leo.

Didn’t talk to mum as I have a ear ache and headache.

Up with the alarm, the house was very dark until I opened the house up.

Checked Tim’s roster it said he started at 6.12, this was done at 6.30. So I woke him to check and he said it was wrong he starts at 9am.

Been a hot day had to turn the air con at 1pm because of how hot it is.

Saw Kelli when she brought Blain home.

Mum was feeling sick all day so only spoke for a few minutes

Tasha coming to give me a shower

I woke at 5am but stayed in bed till 6am when I got up, I opened the house up and got dressed with Tasha’s help.

Tim home by 10.30 he has a long silt shift

Tasha checked the P O Box for me and there was a bloody lot there, including gifts for Kelli & Freya

Mum was telling me that last night she wasn’t good she was very restless, hot and cold and unable to settle. She said she was like dad was the night before he passed away. This was distressing for her.

A new day, as usual up with the alarm and dressed with Tasha’s help as usual.

A nice day not hot nor cold, the lawn men did the front lawns.

I walked outside and stepped on something that cause me to twist my foot hurting my toes on my left foot.

Tim home at 4pm, just before I went to listen to my book.

Mum was a bit better today, told her I ordered a gift for Skyla she was pleased. Said I could take the money out of her account but I won’t.

I was dreaming when my alarm went off waking me up. Going to be another hot day.

Tim home at 10am another spilt shift, he will leave around 1pm.

Leo has gone to Kelli’s for the night. He took his laptop and bike with him.

I have decided to have a bath although I expect Tasha to not be happy about that she doesn’t like baths.

Woke before t he alarm tried to stay in bed but couldn’t had to pee so got up. Dressed with Tasha’s help.

Not as hot today thankfully.

Been a busy day sorting out letters received and friendship books.

Mum was good but also a tad annoying as she wants the Christmas gift I ordered for her to give to Skyla she wanted me to take it over so she could give it to her this weekend. I tried to explain to her that it hasn’t arrived yet and may not arrive for a few weeks.

Plus it is for Christmas.

Woke at 7.30am with a headache I felt like shit so after breakfast I went back to bed till Kathy arrived.

Kathy gave me a shower, her showers are good but she doesn’t scrub me as much as Tasha does. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the shower, it just means it is different.

After Kathy and the girls left I went back to bed for 1.5hrs as I felt like shit.

After getting up at midday I felt better and more able to function.

Mum was good when I spoke to her.

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