Just another weel

I woke at 6am and after a decent nights sleep I got up and peed and decided to stay up. I sent Tasha a message asking if she could come and dress me and get breakfast for me, which she did.

I found Leo asleep in the spare room, seems that he wanted to stay last night.

Kathy arrived at 9.30 to give me a shower which she did but Tasha did my feet.

Spoke to mum for 45 minutes she was pleased to hear my voice and hear that I was ok after my fall yesterday.

Leo was struck by the butcher bird, in the face and it hurt.

I got up when the alarm went off, I opened the house up and then went to get dressed. Tasha arrived and helped me.

Kelli and her kids turned up for a visit with Jess. Daemon is spending the night with Jess.

The new ceiling fan arrived that Tim ordered.

Leo & Daemon have been here playing this afternoon. Tasha told them to go back to Leo’s house at 5.30pm.

Mum was good when I spoke to her she spent 10 minutes telling how great Tasha is.

My head is sore to touch.

I woke at 6am before the alarm, just after I opened the house Tasha arrived to help me.

At 9am I had to take ½ a Phenergan in order to breath ok. This made me tired and at 1.45 I went and had a lay down but didn’t sleep.

Tim was home from midday to 3.40pm as he had a split shift. I was done in, so worn out I just wanted to lay and listen to my book.

Another day started, I was annoyed with Tim as he wrote a shopping list on my discharged papers.

Also couldn’t find the loungeroom house phone, Tasha found it dead in Leo’s room. What it was doing there I don’t know.

Been hot all day with sweat dripping out of me even though it isn’t that warm.

Spoke to mum she was chatty she told me about the day she & Uncle Ronnie met Pop.

I am in so much pain in my left knee.

Tasha coming to give me a shower.

Up with the alarm as per usual going to be a warm day with possible showers. So Tim took the car to work.

Still dripping in sweat all day despite it not being that warm/hot.

Leo has been here since 1pm doing stuff in his room.

Mum told me she had a phone call from Aunty Pat, which means Krissy rang her and put Pat on. Mum said she sounded happy, Krissy told mum that she has to ring and book a time to go see her mum because of Covid 19. Aunty Pat is in the nursing home at Teralba.

Woke just before the alarm, found Leo asleep in his room. Dressed nicely in green with a bra because I am going to see the Dr to get my stitches out.

Dr appointment went well saw the nurse who removed the stitches with no problem.

Mum was in a state because of the nurse who rang the podiatrist she received a phone call from the dr’s surgery about it and that caused her distress.

Decided to do some shopping at Big W online and of course the internet was slow as………

Gave up and went to bed.

Woke at 6.30am got up but not dressed as Kathy is coming to shower me

Showered and dressed for the day. Managed to finish the Big W shopping.

Tasha picked it up ans I was annoyed that it didn’t contain Jess’s socks turned out that I didn’t order them, although they were the first thing I looked at and added to the cart.

However, with all the problems I had they must have been removed so annoying.

Jess is working and Leo has been in and out of the house all day long. He treats this house as another home and we love it.


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