Just another week

I woke up at 7am at the same time Tim got up Leo got up to say goodbye to Papa.

Kathy arrived at 9am and gave me a shower & a shave and strip the bed and put the sheets on to wash.

I woke Leo at 10..50am and Tasha took him to get his mum and they went to look at cars.

Mum sounded unwell when I spoke to her, so only a short chat today around 30 mins.

Up with the alarm as usual, turned the lounge-room light on and opened. The front door so Tasha would know I was up. She turned up while I was preparing breakfast.

Tim is off work for three days, some days it feels like he is always taking time off, not saying that’s the case she feels like it.

Tim and I went to Fantastic Furniture to look for a new armchair for me and found a nice one that will match what we have for $399 of course it was out of stock and should be in stock in 1 or 2 weeks. We took the wheelchair so I didn’t need to try and walk.

Mum still sounded sick this afternoon, she rang this morning and asked if I could loan Michelle $50 and this afternoon Dawson transferred it back into my account.

This afternoon I had to take something for my nose it was running like a tap, so annoying.

A cold and wet morning got up with the alarm and dressed in the bathroom with the heater again. No Tasha this morning because it has been so cold and wet, pissing down while I was getting dressed.

Tim went and picked up a bed for Leo cost him $20, now to get a mattress for it then it can be assembled for use.

Went to print something on a small piece of paper and it got jammed and neither Tim or I could get it out. So he set up the Epson from his room. However, when I tried to print it is out of ink.

Another cold day here, I got up and dressed and while having breakfast Tasha sent a text saying she will come and shower me ready to go out for lunch

Had a shower and got dressed ready to go out for lunch.

Tim went down the road for something I rang the chemist after he left to check on uhhthe scripts being sent by the doctor, well they had mine but not Tim’s. So I then rand the doctors to check about them and his was still there so I said Tim would go and pick them up while he is out.

Then later in the afternoon he went to the chemist and picked up the medication thankfully we had enough money in the account to pay for it all. Four lots of medication one for Tim and three for me total cost $66.

A new day still cold, even though Tim was at work I decided to still get dressed in the bathroom as it is warmer.

Tim is back at work today so and I am happy with myself as I managed to lodge the piece of paper from the printer and it is working again just fine.

I downloaded a new book for tonight but when I went to find it to listen to I couldn’t find it. Tasha found another book for me to listen to tonight.

I woke at 5.30 needing to pee but thought I would hold on to the alarm went off at 6.15 but nope couldn’t do it and had to get up at 5.40 so I stayed up. I know some people would go back to bed for half an hour but not me I was up and awake so stayed up.

Tasha dropped off Jess work clothes for me to wash as she has work tomorrow.

I was sitting writing letters when I heard the sound of someone mowing out the back yard I had no idea who it was, so I looked outside and it was our neighbour’s son.

Had a phone call from Jeannie this morning thanking me for her birthday ppresent that arrived in the mail today for here, it was nice to hear from her. Her birthday is Sunday so arrived in good time.

I slept all night waking at 6.15 but after checking the time I managed to go back to sleep till 7am.

Found the washing machine going so Tasha had been here.

Had a message from Jess her washing machine isn’t working and of course it is full of water and wet clothes. She has asked her dad to go over and look at it when he picks up Leo.

Jess is working today doing another wine tour.

Jess’s washing machine isn’t draining so her dad went over and managed to empty the water from it and brought over her wet clothes and I am rewashing them for her and I will also dry them.

Tasha went over and looked at Jess’s washing machine she pulled it out from the wall took the drainage hose off washed it out and made sure it wasn’t blocked. Fingers cross it is fixed.

Tasha also brought over more washing from Jessica’s place, which I have done and is now in the dryer.

Tim bought some red spray paint for Leo’s new bed.


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