Life Here

I had a decent nights sleep,woke at 4 to pee but went straight back to sleep waking again at 7.15 and getting up. I got dressed in the bathroom again.

Jess and Leo turned up for a bit she was wanting her car back while they were here Tasha treated Leo’s hair for head lice.

Blain is at his mum’s for the first week of the school holidays.

Awake with the alarm and straight out of bed dressed in the bathroom, thought I heard Tasha but no she wasn’t here nor had she been here.

I had heard what sounded like someone coming in the front door at around 6am the door was unlocked but no sign of anyone. However she did turn up at 7am with a load of washing.

Tim on late starts again he started at 2.30pm so he left at 1.45pm.

Mum was good a little confused but so was I

Up with the alarm as usual another cold day but not for my body, got dressed in the bathroom again. Had a quick bath.

Found Tasha in the laundry she agreed to wash another neighbours close because his father’s washing machine doesn’t clean them. I understand and have no problem with her doing that.

Jess & Leo turned up with KFC for their lunch my lunch was already cooking in the oven.

Had the doctor ring so I could get a new script he said he would send it to the chemist for me. I like being able to have phone appointments for scripts.

Had to cancel my appointment with the podiatrist as I am not feeling that well.

Leo here for the night because he wanted to stay.

Up with the alarm even though there is no school at the moment.

I decided to have a bath so I sent Tasha a text to let her know, as I was getting in she walked into the bathroom and washed my hair for me. I managed to get in and out ok.

Let Leo sleep till he woke up naturally which was at 10.45am, just after Papa woke up.

I ironed Tim’s work shirts and Jess’s work shirt as well.

Leo made himself a toasted sandwich

Jess arrived at 11.20 to get Leo and she brought my Thompson’s pie order.

Sandy arrived to drop off something from our brother and took a heap of food with her from my freezer stuff I didn’t want.

Tasha has sold her car so she is happy.

I woke before my alarm this morning, I got dressed in the bathroom again, Tasha was here to help get my breakfast stuff ready. She also put my socks on, two pair today.

A quiet day mostly spent alone. Mum a bit confused when I spoke to her.

Kathy rang to check on me.

I got up when the alarm went off and found Tasha in the laundry throwing in a load of washing. She helped me dress and get my breakfast.

Tim had 25 minute chat with someone from his Superfund he sent me the record call so I can listen to it later.

I felt so tired that I went and had a 1hr nap, afterwards I was very cold and had to turn the heater on for a bit.

Saw Jess & Leo this afternoon she told me that she is working tomorrow and Leo will be here all day and tomorrow night.

Had a sleep in this morning, got up at 7.30, found that Tasha had been down as the washing machine was going.

Jess arrived around 8 on her own she arranged for Papa to pick him up around lunchtime.

Tim went out to go to the chemist but for some reason didn’t get the scripts because I need a new script I am annoyed but not sure who to be annoyed with.

Leo is here for the night

Kathy rang and said she will be here tomorrow.


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