More of My Life

Awake and up at 7am, Tim was already up and helped me get dressed.

Tim gave me a Flawless Razor for my face to replace the one lost at Christmas.

Well this morning Tasha mentioned that hers is also purple I said I didn’t know she had one, she said I gave it to her for Christmas, no I didn’t. Hence the missing gift, found.

Kathy and the girls came over she didn’t have a gift for me, she said she had no idea what to get me.

Jess & Leo turned up not long after Kathy they gave me a handmade card and a nice long jacket.

Leo and the girls had fun playing together as children do.

All in all had a good day

Up with the alarm as usual, dressed myself and yet again I couldn’t use the Wii so annoying.

Jess dropped Leo off at around 7am.

Took Leo up to meet his driver who didn’t turn up, Tasha rang him and he said that someone sent him a text saying Leo wasn’t going. I am somewhat pissed off, Tasha drove Leo to school.

Short chat to Mum as Sandra arrived 25 minutes into our chat.

Leo was dropped off by his driver this afternoon and he said sorry about this morning which made me happy.

Up and dressed with the alarm, in front of a heater, yes I do have a small 2 bar one in the bedroom. I also have a small fan heater in the loungeroom.

Jess dropped off Leo at 6.45am.

Been a good day answered some letters and cleaned the bath and loo.

Rang mum she was good she said she Jeannie went to see her with Sam and Lilly she was pleased to see them.

A new day, rose with the alarm as per usual dressed myself and after some struggle and tears of frustration I managed to get my socks on.

After Leo left I went down and posted off letters that took like 3 minutes.

Tasha asked me if I could help her get something out from under her bed. I had to lay flat on the floor to get the box out but I did it.

Jess rang to let me know that Leo has an appointment with Dr Murray on Friday and that it will be a phone appointment.

I got up with the alarm as I do each morning before I got dressed Leo arrived he told me he walked here because his mum broke down, like I believed that…..he was dropped at the top of the driveway.

Around 1ish it pissed down rain and continued for most of the afternoon. Around the same time I started to feel off with a headache and a tight chest, I also feel very tired.

Tim home at 1.45pm an early day for him so he went up to meet Leo this afternoon.

I am going to bed at 4ish I am just that worn out.

Another cold morning, had a restless night but still dragged myself out of bed at 6.15 when the alarm went off. Leo helped me get my socks and pants on.

Jess arrived around 9ish and has been annoying since she is hungry and because she is in work van she cannot go to Macca’s.

Leo is having the day off school as he has a doctors appointment with Dr Murray thankfully it is a phone appointment.

The appointment went well she talked to Leo & Jess the whole time.

Mum was good, Dave asked her if she wanted to go over to his place as Dawson has gone to a mates place for a couple of nights.

Dawson is concerned about her being alone, however, because of the cold wet weather she didn’t want to leave her nice warm house.

Slept in this morning, I woke at 7.20 but laid there cuddle up to Tim till 7.50 when we both got up.

I had to have toast for breakfast as no banana bread, followed by a bowl of grapes.

Cold and wet morning.

I had a moment before lunch as I was shaking so bloody much and it was getting to me.

Had all the girls here for lunch we had KFC and it was great we all sat around the table and laughed and chatted while we ate.

Kathy & family gave me a Bluetooth speaker I will try it out when I go to bed.

Short chat to mum this afternoon as Tasha turned up to give me a shower.


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