Another week

Up at 7am, woke to rain beautiful rain, heavy rain as well just like yesterday. Had a text from Jess saying that Leo is really sick it came through at 3.22am I replied this morning saying if he is no better to ring Dr to your door.

Received a text from Jess at 11.08 letting me that Leo is still coughing but says he feels better.

She took him to a Dr and he has a chest infection and will have tomorrow of school. She rang his driver and let him know.

Up and dressed by 6.30, Leo here for the day the antibiotics are working and he feels much better, he is still coughing a bit.

Stopped raining around 10ish and got really warm.

Had to turn the air con at 3pm as I am dripping sweat. Only had it on for 30 minutes

Leo asked to stay the night and of course we said he could.

Had a quick shower before bed

Up and dressed before my alarm went off a cool start to the day.

I went with Leo to meet his driver

Has warmed up nicely not hot enough for air con. Blain came home from school said he was throwing up.

Just as I was leaving to go up and get Leo the car with him in it turned up.

Leo here again tonight, at 5pm Tasha rang Jess to see why she hadn’t picked up Leo as I didn’t know he was staying the night.

Up and dressed before the alarm again, dry and warm.

Jess and Tasha came down and Jess took the scooter for a spin out the front.

Sandy asked me to order a photo of dad which I did straight away.

Mum rang early, to tell me what’s going on with Michelle & Landon.

I left at 3.20 to wait for Leo so I wouldn’t be late again, I would rather wait for 10 minutes then be late,

I have taken to listening to an audio book of an evening before going to sleep now I am up to chapter 5 of Mutiny on the Bounty.

Up and dressed as soon as the alarm went off Leo was dropped of at 7am.

I took Leo up to meet his driver and just after I got back it started to rain but only rained for a short while.

A very warm day.

I took my audio book to listen to it while waiting for Leo.

Tasha’s birthday she is 33 now, I sent her a text this morning wishing her Happy Birthday.

When I took Leo up to meet Brian I also took my bags and left them at Tasha’s.

Tasha & I picked up Mum & Dawson and drove them to Charlie.

Blain had the day off school as it is the swimming carnival.

Jessica got me ready for bed before her and Leo left.

Had a sleep in got up at 8am, felt good to have a sleep in.

Jess dropped Leo off at 9.15am and Tim drove her to pick up the van she has to use today.

Another warm day.

I managed to wet myself because I was too slow getting to the toilet.

Kathy came over and helped Tim change the sheets and vacuumed she also got the clothes of the line for me, she wasn’t in the best of moods.

Leo here tonight.


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