Another week gone

I got up at 6.10am after a somewhat restless night and the first thing I did was get dressed and open the doors except the front door would not open.

I then decided to vacuum out

Washed all the floor mats twice to get them clean.

Also did a load of washing.

Been a good day.

Up at 6am and tidy kitchen and took medication then used the Wii Fit for the first time in 690 days going to start using it first thing again at the moment all I could manage was body test where it checks your weight and BMI but it is a start.

I had to go back to bed at 7am but only laid there for 15 minutes. I had to get Tasha to help me get ready for aqua.

After aqua I had a shower and afterwards Jess helped me get dressed.

She received a letter from her GP something about Leo on the bottom there was a note saying he had an appointment at Wallsend at 3pm since she didn’t know anything about it we rang and asked about they knew nothing about any appointment. So a good thing we rang and just didn’t turn up.

Tim had a CT scan on his nose and they found something like liquid blocking his nostrils. So there is a problem.

I woke at 6.30am after another restless night, had another dream in which Tim didn’t love me although on the plus side in the dream I was walking normal without pain.

Tasha drove me to the doctors he appointment went well got my script and he checked the mole it is nothing to worry about . He has referred me to the Royal to see someone about my incontinence.

After that I went to see Karen Burns about my feet. After I explained how much my feet sweat and having them suddenly start sweating she got why I prefer to go barefoot. She could see how my feet could slip and slide in my shoes.

Asked Tasha to come down at 6pm to put me to bed.

I got up at 6.30 and got dressed and used the Wii Fit but not for long.

Jess dropped off Leo at 10am, she had to go into work to get her run sheet for the year.

Kelli is going to help her clean her house, Leo would be under foot

It has been a stinking hot day

She arrived at 3pm to get Leo and left again at around 4.30pm to head home

Up at 6am again, got dressed straight away then used the Wii Fit before Sandy rang to tell me that Mum had a bad night and that she stayed the night with Mum.

Mum rang me around 9am and told me all Sandy told me earlier but at least hearing her I could tell she was sick but not too bad.

When Tim g ot up I had him cut off a pair of my leggings to wear them as shorts to check wear tomorrow.

It is a very hot day, Tasha rang to on me and told me to drink water between drinks of Pepsi,

Jessica picked up my scripts for me and after she left I attempted to hem the pants I had Tim cut off this morning. I failed at first but kept at it and at last succeed.

At 2.30pm the air con in the kitchen started blowing hot air, it does this because of how hot it was around 42 degrees Celsius outside and the air con had been on since 7am.

Up at 6am to find it still about 29 degrees I turned the air con on at 6.30am and it was working fine.

Jess took me shopping while Leo went to work with Papa. Mum didn’t go shopping as she is still not well.

At lunch time it is still 28 degrees, Tim and Leo here, Tim will be going back to work at 4.15pm finishing 8.45pm.

Cool enough to turn the air con off according to Tim I would have left it on a little longer.

Tasha said she would be down by 5.30 but went out and it is now 6 and she is still not home.

Going to be another hot night.

I had a sleep in till 7.30, woke up in pain, it was around my tailbone sprayed some ice spray on it.

Kathy-Lee arrived around 10ish with the shopping, I was planning a birthday lunch for Tim. However, yet again it didn’t go to plan, Jess & Leo arrived around 10.30 but she tells me that at 11.30 they had to go out but would be back by 12.30 for lunch. Then Kelli rang and asked if she could watch Daemon & Freya for a bit which was ok not a problem.

Jess rings and said that their appointment had been pushed back and she will now be here around 1.15-30.

Tasha went out to help a friend when I asked if she would be here for lunch all she said was “ok be home soon” the last time she would be home soon she arrived 4hrs later.

I am feeling let down again, this the third year in a row this type of thing has happen on Tim’s birthday.

I feel like why do I bother.

Tasha arrived at 1 and Jess at 1.25.

Kathy left at 1.50.

I said sorry to my girls via text message and all three forgot to help the bed.

Tasha came down at 5pm to help me but I said it was too early as I want to have a shower at 6 before going to bed. She was going out and will not be back for a while.

Tim got his sewing machine out and fiddle with it in order to get it to work. He has taken up Leo’s school pants. Then the machine started playing up again.

I had a shower and Tim helped me get ready for bed.


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