My Health Update

I am slowly learning to live and accept my limitations there are more and more things that I have trouble doing. I have things that help me cope, as in not get as upset and depressed when things are not working and it’s just not easy.

There are days when I struggle to prepare food to eat, some days I just like someone else to either prepare the even a simple sandwich at times is hard. I haven’t tried to eat cereal in a long time and ya know I have been feeling like corn flakes lately. Last winter I tried having soup, that ended in tears and frustration.

I have taken to using a bath board when I shower as I find the heat of a shower causes me to become light headed and lose my balance. I prefer to have a bath but with water restrictions I think a shower is better as I use less water.

Getting dressed takes me ages three times as long as having someone assist me, this is because I break into a sweat often during the day and no it’s not menopause that I went through 14yrs ago. So often I am all clammy and sticky, also this causes me to stink more. Some may think have a cool shower but I can do that and be sitting on the bed drying off and break into a sweat again.

I have to use a walker when I go out but only if I have a small amount of walking to do, if I have a lot of walking to do I need a wheelchair, or a motorised scooter.

I cannot drive so have to rely on someone to get me from point a to point b and home again, I have had a few episodes of confusion and loss of balance. So the girls do not want me to go shopping alone and honestly I think often they are right.

I used to love to read but find it hard to concentrate and can only manage a couple of pages at a time, it is so frustrating.

Then there are my bladder problems which is horrible and embarrassing but something I have to deal with.

Is it any wonder I feel depressed and like crying.


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