My Life Week 2

Here we are at 10.30 am on Sunday morning and it is time for my diary post..

I got up at 6.30am, Tim got up just afterwards and got ready for work. Kathy-Lee and the girls picked me up and drove me to Mum’s.

While there her phone was on the table and there was a strong wind so I went to move the paper plates and somehow managed to knock her phone off the table and her screen smashed. I feel awful.

Kathy-Lee left before me so Kelli drove me home when I was ready.

Dave had to feed me the ice cream cake, due t o the shaking causing me to drop it between the plate and my mouth.

It isn’t as hot today.

I was up at 6am and had a shower before getting dressed.

It is a much cooler day with some rain as well, just not enough.

I dropped and broke my Christmas cup.

This afternoon Tim cut my hair so much better. I do not like longish hair.

This morning if woke to go to the toilet at what I thought was 4.20am, however, I must have been wrong as Tim was still in bed and didn’t get up for work. He did get up and go to work at 4.30 but it was hours after my trip to the loo. At 5.10 I woke up again, went to the loo again and tried going back to bed but I just laid there so I got up at 6ish.

Tim home at 9.45am to 1.30pm, I had a lay down at 12ish till Jess rang. She had received an email saying her Big W order had been delivered but only half of the order is here. The other half should be delivered either this afternoon or in the morning.

Mum told me that Micheal wants Dawson to get a Centrelink loan for her, $900 I hope he doesn’t make that mistake again.

Leo’s birthday he is 12 now, I sent him a birthday message.

I am not feeling well today.

The bike Jessica ordered for Leo arrived just before Papa got home for work and he said he would put it together but there was a problem with it and she had to return it to Big W and had to get a different one. Which Papa did put together it is blue.

Up at 7am after a horrible nights sleep, woke up confused but after a while I was ok.

Tim rang at 7.45 to tell me he left his wallet in his shorts and that Tasha was going to come get it and take it to the bus stop near Pring St

Mum told me that Dawson told his mum he is sick of her abusive and wants nothing with her till she grows up.

I have been dripping in sweat all day and it’s a coolish day.

Up at 6.30am again, Tim up at the same time. I had a shower and Tim helped me get dressed.

Kathy sent me a message telling me that it will cost $320 to fix her phone. She is blaming mum/nana.

Of course mum doesn’t feel like she did anything and blames it on the wind.

Tim & I are joining Jess & Leo for a trip to the army museum at Singleton.

Kelli, Daemon & Freya joined us and it was great having them with us.

We offered to take Blain with us but he was in a mood as he had stayed up all night.

I woke up at 6am with a headache, so tried going back to bed but was up by 6.30 am still with a bad headache.

A much cooler day, I have opened the doors and windows to let the breeze through.

Jessica has work taking people to the Elton John concert tonight and again tomorrow night. So we have Leo for the weekend.

He has been inside most of the time as Georgia is at her grandparents and he is avoiding her.

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