Family Function

My sister is turning 50 and has arranged a party for herself, nothing wrong with that.

However, this has made me thing of my 50th which was not a big deal and neither was Tim’s for that matter. We did see all our girls and grandchildren but I was a little disappointment that no one arranged a party for me but that is life.

Tim said he didn’t want anything like a party but I do think he was a tad disappointed.

When we get to a certain age, we often think our children should plain a party for us, I don’t know why we think that but have been told that many people think that way.

I also been thinking how at times our children may be fighting or not talking at the time of a party usually over some minor thing and you hear if so and so is going I will not, this is distressing for a parent.

Thankfully in my family things are different and generally speaking everyone turns up to a family function.

As most people know I am part of a large family being the eldest of 5 children and even if my girls don’t feel like attending a function if they are invited or if it is for me or Tim they turn up if only for half an hour.

Dad used to say how nice it was that so many of his grandchildren would turn up to a party that we had for him.

So I hope my sister has a good turn out at her party, it will be an emotional time as it is the first birthday that we will have without dad. She does have 4 children and 7 grandchildren as well as all her siblings, she will need her children to help her cope with not having her dad there.


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