Another Week Gone By

Well here I am starting another week that was post, I slept in till 8am, I was cold when I woke up but after 5mins I was sweating. I had to get Tasha to come help me get dressed.

Kathy & Summer arrived around 9.30am she came to get her shopping bags.

Switched over to the new laptop.

Monday it is still cold here and I feel like shit. Hot and cold all day.

Tim rang DoH about the carport he was on the phone for an hour and had to go on and on to get his point across.

Mum didn’t get he pension today she should get a hardship payment tomorrow.

Asked Tasha if she will come down in the morning and help me get dressed after my bath.

Here we are at Tuesday and well Tasha forgot to help me this morning but I managed ok.

It is another cold ass day.

Last night after I went to bed I could hear Tim on the phone, I don’t know who he was talking to but at points he sounded like he was crying. Like when he spoke about Dad or Me.

Mum wasn’t paid her pension, I logged into her My Gov and she should be paid tomorrow.

Leo here tonight and has spent some time hanging out with Blain which was nice.

I am really restless this afternoon/evening.

Wednesday morning and Mum was paid this morning.

I felt like crying because I asked Tasha to call in to Jess’s and drop of Leo’s stuff and she got angry and complained about doing it.

Mum had Sue upset her this morning because Mum forgot that she needed a new Webster Pack till it was empty meaning Sue had to go and get it. What upset Sue was she was at the square yesterday and Sandy was there on Monday.

I took half a sleeping tablet last night.

Having another restless afternoon.

Thursday was another bloody cold morning only 4 degrees and I had sweat dripping out of me.

Saw the Dr he said there is no tear in the tendon so just have tendinitis and that takes months to heal. He said to use the walker more then cane

Jessica picked me up from Dr’s and has our car, so she can drive me to grief counselling tomorrow.

Leo here again and like Tuesday night he and Blain got on great.

Friday I had a bath and Tasha came and helped me get dressed.

Dave rang and asked rolling what he has could he just give me the bag of stuff and I said yep. So Leigh brought it over for me.

Jess drove me to grief counselling, the woman was nice we spoke for an hour. She seems to think I am coping well with Dad’s death. She doesn’t feel I will need to go back.

Tasha drove our car to Cessnock, Tim went on about fuel and his tone of voice was annoying.

It has been a hot day temps around 30.

SaturdayThis morning Jess drove me to Charlie while Leo stayed with Papa.

It is another hot day.

Then her and Tim wt to look at a car, she put a $200 deposit down to hold it.

Having a very restless afternoon

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