My Week

Another week over and another week beginning, today it is a lovely day saw Kathy & Summer when they came over to use my iron.

Natasha gave Summer some old make up, some of which I would like.

I slept in till 9am, so I slept for 7hrs straight, when I got up I leaked urine, I am thankful I was wearing a pad.

Jess called in to pick up Leo’s medication containers while her she read something I wrote about how I am coping and became upset and came and hugged me.

When I showed Kathy the same note all she said was that I told her that on Saturday, she wasn’t very sympathetic.

Tim was sympathetic when he read it.

Monday morning now, I slept well last night and woke up at 6.45am when alarm went off.

Again I started leaking as soon as my feet hit the floor.

Had a hour nap but still tired.

Blain scared me when he crept in to the house, without me noticing.

I was watching TV when Jono arrived with stuff for me I felt like crying I was so pleased with the stuff he gave me.

Tim arrived home while Jono was here and was surprised that he didn’t want money for the stuff he gave me.

On Wednesday, Sandra came over and did tried to upload some documents to Centrelink for Mum but the didn’t go and she had to take them up and hand them into in person. It was nice seeing her.

On Thursday I managed to dress myself this morning but then things went down hill.

Did manage to get through to palliative care about grief counselling. Someone named Mel the girls will ring me on Monday to arrange a time for one on one counselling.

Jessica has sprained her ankle and is unable to go shopping with me tomorrow, so Natasha will hang around and help me.

Mum told me that Sandra’s dog Ruby got out again and when she got home the ranger was there. She was given two options, either surrender the dog or pay a $2,000plus fine. She chose to surrender the dog, however,her and Ed decided to tell the girls that it was hit by a car and died so the ranger took it away.

Friday morning I was up and bathed first thing but had to wait till Tasha came and dressed me. She stayed at the square with me.

Tasha has borrowed my car again, Tim said she has to stop lending her car to other people.

Tonight when I was going to the bathroom I wet myself again and called Tim to help but he said he would get Tasha.

She wants me to get adult nappies for use at night.

Saturday I slept in till 9am just after I did Tasha turned up with the nappies, the cost pissed Tim off. She helped me get dressed while. here.

Kathy took her girls to gymnastics this morning so she was unable to get my groceries. However, she said that in future she will get them at 10.30 for me.

Kathy and the girls called in for a couple of hours.

Jessica & Tim have gone out car searching.

Tim referred to the nappies as an extra expense. The way he said it made me cry.

Sunday morning and last night I used on of the adult nappies it worked bloody great.


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