My week

Another week over another week starting. Today aka Sunday was spent answering letters 5 in total and then I had to do the weekly medications. Jessica and Leo called in to pick Leo’s medication for the next week, she wasn’t feeling good and was somewhat snappy with me.

Monday morning started out cold with a temperature of 11°c so I didn’t go to aqua because the cold water really makes my knees sting with pain. Tim took the car to work.

Tuesday is cold and wet it was only 6°c when I got up this morning, Tim took the car to work again.

We have had very strong winds on and off all day, so Tasha got the boys out of school a little early, didn’t bother me as I was having a nap when Leo arrived.

Wednesday morning was cold and wet still, I made Leo change his school pants this morning.

I had to go back to bed at 9.30am, I slept for 90 minutes and felt better when I woke up.

Thursday is another cold but dry day, at around 7.15am I rang Jessica to see where they were and she said Tasha was going to pick Leo up from here house on her way to the school. I said it would be nice if someone told me.

Tim off today he had doctor’s appointment at Belmont hospital, just to get the results of his colonoscopy, all is good but he will need to have another in 3yrs time.

Today is also Jessica’s 30th birthday she was born at 4.15am so Tim & I took her out for lunch at the Eastern Tiger restaurant.

Friday I had to go shopping alone as Jessica had a doctors appointment to get a flu shot. However she was given a script to get it and neither of the two chemist she went to had it in stock.

Friday night Jessica & Leo were invited out for tea along with her friend Kim who she works with and her son, to the home of one of the children they drive to from school. I thought I might have Leo for the night as Jessica thought he may not want to go and she wasn’t going to force him.

Saturday now, I didn’t have Leo last night as he went with his mum to the dinner and had a good time, as Kim’s son also went and Leo is good friends with her son.

We did have Leo all day today while Jessica was at work he spent a lot of time out the backyard playing with dirt/mud. He is never any trouble when he is here.

Sunday at last, having the girls and grandchildren here for lunch for Jessica’s birthday. When I went to get dressed this morning my left knee gave out and I ended up on the floor but thankfully the house phone was on the bed and I was able to ring Tasha for help.


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