Facts about me

Good morning, how are you? I am fine each Monday for a while I am going to do a did you know post with facts about me, not sure how many weeks these will run for only time will tell.

Let us start with my name as you all know my name is Jo-Anne but why is my name Jo-Anne and who named me. Well my mum kind of liked the name Josephine but not really and her grandmother who she lived with for 10yrs was named Mary Anne but her mum my nan didn’t like the name Mary. So mum decided she would like me to me named Jo-Anne and dad and nanna also liked the name Jo-Anne. Mum also was the one who wanted the name to be hyphenated.

My middle name is Nita, that name came from my mum’s favourite aunt, Aunty Nita was my nan’s sister and because of financial issues my nan needed to work so my mum spent a lot of time with her aunt.

So I am Jo-Anne Nita


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