Do you drink milk?

If so what type do you like, cows milk, goats milk or one of the nut type milks, such as almond milk or maybe you like soy milk.

Do you prefer full fat or low fat or maybe you have a liking for skim milk.

This morning on Sunrise there was a segment about milk and now it seems that full fat is ok if you don’t drink much milk. However, if you drink a lot of milk the best is low fat or skim and neither have more sugar than full fat milk.

Also soy milk or nut milks do not have as many nutrients as cows milk and if you don’t have to drink it you really shouldn’t as it isn’t that good for you.

Most of us know that cows milk is best for calcium and it is, it has more calcium then the other types of milk.

I like to drink chocolate milk my favourite is Great Ocean Road milk, my daughters prefer Oak but I find Oak and Big M or Moove brands are too chocolatey for my taste. I originally tired it because it was the cheapest but I like the taste best.

When it comes to white milk I usually buy low fat milk, my daughters prefer full fat milk.


6 thoughts on “Milk

  1. I don’t really drink milk but use it on cereal. Of all the varieties I’ve tried, the only one I don’t like is cashew milk. I also can’t really take whole milk anymore. Rice and hemp milk sound interesting but aren’t available where I am. Also, some of the best recipes use milk, and for those, the higher fat, the better.

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