Mother and Child

Good morning all, when was the last time you spoke to your children or they spoke to you?

How often do you talk to them?

I speak to my children all the time, Natasha I see and speak to daily, Jessica I talk to maybe once or twice a week and I see and talk to Kathy-Lee every Saturday when she brings over my shopping.

What I cannot imagine is going weeks, months or years not talking and seeing my children, however, I have a couple of penpals who have not spoken to their child in months or years. I feel this is so sad but what is really sad is one penpal has no idea why her child isn’t talking to her. When she asked what the problem was she was told she should know what she did.

This is the woman who gave birth to you, raised you the best way she knew how to do. Maybe she wasn’t the best mother at times or let you down at times but she tried her best. At least you can do is tell her what she did to upset you.

How would you feel if your child treated you like you treat your mother?

Your child would see how you treat your mother and think if you can treat your mother that way they can treat you the same way.

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