Judging Others

Let’s talk about being judgemental, we all judge others, yes even me. Just think about it, how often have you said or thought the following, “how could she/he do that” or “what is wrong with them” or maybe “why would you say that”, all these are judging statements. So many of us are quick to judge others but really how often are our judgements small minded or just wrong and we are judging things that are none of our business.

I am very close to my parents and siblings and cannot imagine no speaking to them for weeks, months or years but I have pen friends who have not spoken to family members for extended periods of time. One lady I write to said she didn’t even know why her child wasn’t speaking to her, when she asked she was told if you don’t know I’m not telling you. What the hell how can one fix or do anything about something they are unaware of. She even asked her child’s partner what she did wrong but still got no answer.

I have another pen friend who told her children that she was working with a right bastard and she was glad to get home and have a couple of glasses of wine, this for some reason pissed her children off and they didn’t speak to her for a couple of weeks. I might add this woman is in her 50’s.

I am so glad my children are not that judgemental.


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