Shared Birthday but no bond

Hello everyone, how is everyone in blogland?

It is a fine day here in Newie, no rain but sunshine which is nice.

Last night while walking into the bathroom I lost my balance and had a bit of a fall hurting my wrist and giving myself a headache. Then I did something silly I posted on Facebook what happened and caused my family to be worried about me but I am fine.

Today is my dad’s birthday he is 76 today and on Saturday there is a party at his house for him as we have been told it is likely to be his last birthday. This is naturally distressing for the family so we want to make it a special birthday the same can be said about Christmas this year if he makes it to Christmas which is a big if as he is that sick.

Also today it is the 14th birthday of my great-niece Issabel, she is my niece Heather’s eldest daughter but mum & dad have never had much to do with Sue’s children and grandchildren, it is hard to have a bond/connection with someone you don’t see very often. Dad was pleased to have a great grandchild who shared his birthday but sadly because they didn’t see her to form a special bond.

When Sue’s children were young they lived 45 minutes away and rarely came to visit, not even coming at Christmas time most years. I know at the time mum & dad felt that their father didn’t like them mum and so they stayed away. When they did visit they were very shy and acted like they felt out of place which happens when you don’t go somewhere very often.


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