Tea Time

Lately we have adds on the telly about meal boxes such as Marley Spoon which can be found here:https://marleyspoon.com.au/ now this post has nothing to do with meal boxes as I have never used one and have no interest in them.

So why mention it well because on the add they talk about having the evening meal prepared and on the table by 7pm. This has had me thinking about what time people have their evening meal, on tv shows they make out that the only people who have an early evening meal are old people. That also annoys me as it is wrong.

I grew up having our evening meal (known as tea here in Aus by most people) between 4 & 5pm and when my girls were little I would have tea around 4-4.30pm most days as when they would get home from school they would be hungry and instead of letting them have junk food I would give them tea and then they could have junk food including ice cream.

Now that the girls have children of their own they have carried on the tradition of eating tea around 4.30pm because like me and my mum they feel it is better to give the child a proper meal when they are hungry before they have junk food.

So here is a question for you what time do you have your evening meal?

Do you call it dinner, supper, or tea?


2 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. We have “dinner” at around 18:00, sometimes later. We try not to let it get too late because, we have found, the older you get the more likely you are to get indigestion if you eat late.

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