Christmas Shopping

Good morning world or good evening depending on where you are in the world, it is somewhat cool here this morning. My weekend was a good one, didn’t have Leo on Saturday as he went to Kelli’s for the day for a change. Although I ended up having him spending last night here because his mum was snappy and he thought they needed a break from each other.

The other day Kathy-Lee asked me if it was too soon to start buying Christmas presents, my answer no it isn’t I started months back, her partner Michael thinks it is too early but he is one to leave it till November or December to start thinking about Christmas.

So when do others start their Christmas shopping?

My great-aunty Joyce told my mum just after she married dad that she should start her Christmas shopping in June/July at the mid year sales which mum has always done except for this year, not being able to get out to the shops has meant she hasn’t been able to get a start on her Christmas shopping.

I think I need to introduce mum to sites like Wish and Ebay so she can do some shopping online for stocking fillers.


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