What’s in a name, do you like your name?

Were you named after someone special?

Do you know how your parents decided on your name, have you always felt like you do now about your name.

I was named by my dad and nanna when I was only hours old, dad knew that mum liked the name Jo-Anne and that her grandmother was named Mary Anne and she was very close to her grandmother she lived with her till she was 14 when her grandmother died. Mum was also close to her Aunty Nita so I was named Jo-Anne Nita in honour of her grandmother and aunt.

I was christened in the hospital when I was only hours old as they didn’t think I would live. My mum didn’t get to see me for a few days after I was born.

I have three daughters the oldest is Kathy-Lee when I was expecting her Tim wanted to name her after Jamie Lee Curtis I didn’t like the name Jamie Lee but I didn’t mind the name Lee so after talking for a bit we decided to name her Kathy-Lee, Kathy had to be spelt with a K nor a C.

I don’t remember how we came up with Natasha’s name or Jessica’s name I know we decided that Natasha’s middle name Nicolle had to have 2 l”s so he had 7 letters and Jessica’s middle name is Mae the same as my sister Sandra’s middle name.

My mum’s name is Mavis and she has been called Mae for as long as I can remember and before I can remember. The name Mae is popular in our family it is Sandra’s daughters middle name and my granddaughter Sydney-May is named May spelt differently but still its Mae/May. In total 6 people have the name in the family.

When my sister Jeannie had her second child she a decided to take my middle name Nita and mix it up and called her daughter Tina, her next child got the middle name Joe also after me.

Both Tim & Blain have the same middle name of William.


4 thoughts on “Names

  1. I’ve never been a fan of my name mainly because it doesn’t flow with my last name. My first name ends with an “roo” sound and my last name starts with a “reh” sound which hurts my mouth to say. The transition from one “r” grouping to another is not a tongue twister as much as it is a tongue bludgeoner. Although I have been told of the one alternative my parents thought of and, well, what I have is better than that.
    It’s funny, there must be something in the zeitgeist as I was working on a post about names too. It is something I’ve been thinking about since I was saddled with the responsibility of giving a small human her name.

  2. My daughter is named after a minor character in American Horror Story, my youngest son is named after a famous Air Force Pilot, and my middle son is the third generation to share his middle name with his father and grandfather.

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