Good afternoon everyone here I am on a Monday afternoon writing a post been a normal Monday I went to my aqua class this morning haven’t been in a few weeks and it was good to go again. I do enjoy the class.

It is also my precious first born daughters birthday she is 33 today and we had a birthday lunch for her on Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday Tim dragged me out of bed at 8am because he wanted to go shopping for a new lounge and of course when we got to the store it was closed and didn’t open till 10am because of the sale so we ended up going home and not looking for a lounge.

I don’t think we need a new lounge but for some reason Tim does although after the girls told him the same thing he might change his mind but who knows.

Blain came home from school yet again he is supposed to be sick this goes on day after day and his mum is getting fed up with him.


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