Thank you Sue

Hello everyone it is a cold and wet morning here in Newie although it looks like it might become fine at some point.

I am waiting for someone to come and do a housing maintenance walk through too document anything that needs repairing in the house. They are suppose to be here by 11am but we will see.

Mum said her and dad are doing much better, so much so that my sister Sue who has been staying with them for the last six weeks has spent the last few nights at her own flat, when she told dad that she was going back to her flat on Friday night he said NO you can’t go I need you here. She talked to him and said she had to go home at some point and he said NO you have to move back in here. That said he coped fine without here and she spent a few nights in her own flat and still went and got him up in the morning.

Mum has told me often that Sue has been fantastic and she doesn’t know how they would have coped without her there.

I have been so thankful to Sue as well, it has been a weight off my mind knowing she was there with them.


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